ROL NEWS--AeroTech H999N-P "Warp-9" Bowling Ball Loft Motor Tripoli Certified

AeroTech H999N-P "Warp-9" Bowling Ball Loft Motor Tripoli Certified April 5, 2006 Web posted at: 12:52 PM EDT

(ROL Newswire) -- The Tripoli Motor Testing (TMT) committee of the Tripoli Rocketry Association has certified the first AeroTech RMS reload kit using "Warp-9" propellant, the H999N-P.

The H999N-P reload fits RMS-38/360 AeroTech, Dr. Rocket or Rouse-Tech reloadable motor hardware and was specifically designed for this year's 'H'-powered Bowling Ball Loft contest at LDRS. It is also useful whenever an extremely high-thrust, relatively low impulse motor is desired.

The motor generates a total impulse of 320 N-sec (100% H), with a burn time of 0.33 sec and a peak thrust of over 250 pounds. Loaded motor weight is 331 grams (0.73 lbs), propellant weight is 144.0 grams (0.32 lbs). The delivered specific impulse (propellant performance efficiency) of the H999N-P is among the highest ever produced by an AeroTech RMS motor (or any other hobby rocket motor for that matter), at 226.6 sec.

Warp-9 propellant (RCS propellant part no. 8223AL) was originally formulated for Orbital's Pegasus launch vehicle fin motors. Warp-9 exhibits a yellow-white exhaust plume with a minimum of smoke. Unlike some of our competitors, AeroTech is not afraid to use burn rate catalysts when necessary to achieve a design goal; in this case the goal was to produce the highest thrust 'H' class propulsion available to the consumer. The H999N-P develops nearly double the average thrust of the closest competing motor!

The H999N-P will initially be sold in a "plugged" configuration only. Rockets using the H999N-P motor must employ a timer, altimeter or radio-actuated recovery system.

AeroTech has plans to release additional Warp-9 reloads in a variety of motor diameters and lengths and with equally outrageous time-thrust profiles.

AeroTech is now accepting orders for the H999N-P reload kit and anticipates dealer shipments to begin in late April.

A representative time-thrust curve of the H999N-P motor and a copy of the official TMT announcement may be downloaded in PDF format from the AeroTech website at

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Source: RCS Rocket Motor Components (RCS), Inc.

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