ROL NEWS--AeroTech Endorses Consumer Adjustment of RMS Delays

AeroTech Endorses Consumer Adjustment of RMS Delays
April 13, 2005
Web posted at: 12:43 PM EDT
Cedar City, UT (ROL Newswire) -- In response to recent customer
requests and in order to acknowledge and legitimize a long-standing
consumer practice, AeroTech Consumer Aerospace is publicly endorsing the
now-common technique of drilling rocket motor pyrotechnic delay columns
to achieve specific and different motor time delays.
The practice originated nearly 30 years ago with the advent of modern
single-use composite propellant rocket motors, and was adopted by many
users as a means to tailor a motor's stock pyrotechnic time delay to a
particular rocket's expected flight characteristics. When the first
reloadable motors were introduced by AeroTech in 1990, flyers easily
applied the modification method to the separate modular delay columns
that were packaged in the motor reloading kits.
Detailed RMS delay modification instructions, as well as a
cross-reference chart listing the length of each certified time delay
for every AeroTech model rocket, Easy Access high power and Restricted
Access high power RMS reload kit may be downloaded in PDF format from
the "News" page of the AeroTech website. For more info, visit:
formatting link

Source: RCS Rocket Motor Components (RCS), Inc.
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This document actually addresses TWO longstanding recommendations I have made to Gary.
Good job Gary.
It took a while but better late than never. This is a tremendous positive going forward.
Thank you also to David Erbas-White for catalysing this recent change.
Pay forward.
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Jerry Irvine
In article, Jerry Irvine at wrote on 4/13/05 11:18 AM:
Yes Jerry, I will acknowledge that you have made suggestions along these lines over the years. One of my earlier responses was the posting of all the RMS assembly drawings on the AeroTech website (which included delay and spacer length data). Thanks to Bobby for that one too.
I guess it was an issue of critical mass WRT timing, customer demand, David's catalytic effect and the patience required to put it together.
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Gary C. Rosenfield
Does this make me a 'catalytic converter'?
BTW, I'd also like to publically thank Gary for not only doing this in regards to the delay issue, but in updating a couple of 'holes' that were present in the assembly drawings (i.e., some of the newer Redline motors weren't present). As of yesterday, those drawings have been put up on the website, so that anal-retentive types (other than myself) can download them. Thanks again!
David Erbas-White
P.S. I've stated somewhere (don't know if it was in this thread) that I think one of the key issues really is the timing -- for the past few years, AeroTech has been struggling to get back on its feet after the fire. But for the past year or so (witness the LUR motors, etc.) they're now 'looking forward' again.
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David Erbas-White
Out of curiosity, Gary - since RMS delay grains are identically sized for each motor-size, will you eventually be making up a tool to hold the drill-bits, and guage the depth properly? (a-la Cesaronis' ProDAT delay adjusters)
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Len Lekx
I'm not Gary, but in another thread a few days ago, he did mention that they were working on a tool of some sort...
David Erbas-White
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David Erbas-White
In article, Len Lekx at wrote on 4/13/05 12:31 PM:
It's under development.
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Gary C. Rosenfield
Unfortunately, as a catalytic converter, you'll be subjected to extremely high operating temperatures and eventually, over a period of about ten years, You will clog up, become inefficient and have to be replaced. :)
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Dave Grayvis
I pesonally did not want to inform him of the future demise he is facing, but was looking at the value to others that his catalytic endeavours have produced.
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NOW if only Estes would come into the 21st century and produce a single long delay/ejection charge assembly that could be used on all of its motors.... with a simple tool to alter the time delay....
Can you hear me Quest?
I don't understand why Estes/Quest will not go this route....It is allowed by the CPSC, so that means they can be sold to children.
pros cons?
shockie B)
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It just seems to me that EVERYONE getting excited about the RCS (who acquired AT) "adjustable delay times" is new to HP or doesn't fly HP yet!
You want a real delay, use electronics, as that is the "safest" way to go!
I've yet to see anything from CAR/TMT/S&T which buy off on Gary's Press release.... (bunny doesn't make these calls guys.. Just like he deferred to S&T when TMT hit the Kodson stuff a few years back!)
If I were to cert someone for L1 who built their first RMS that day and modified the delay as a part of it, I'd be scared!
Rocksim isn't that accurate with delay times... A big variable is CD which by default, is wrong for larger birds.
I know, from experience, that a motor delay that's 2 seconds over is much less prone to a big failure than one that's 2 seconds early! (error on the long side), and RCS's (formerly AT) announcement is just a "bull in a china shop" move, to backdoor CAR/TMT/S&T! Heck, did you all read the post from CTI that detailed the additional testing involved with their adjustable delay?
Remember +/- 20% folks...
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AZ Woody

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