ROL NEWS--AeroTech Develops Drilling Adapter for Delays

AeroTech Develops Drilling Adapter for Delays August 11, 2005 Web posted at: 12:11 PM EDT
(ROL Newswire) -- AeroTech has designed a Delay Drilling Adapter (DDA)
that permits the adjustment of AeroTech 29 & 38mm high-power RMS-Plus delay elements using the CTI ProDAT 38mm delay drilling device.
Using the AeroTech DDA is simple. First, set the ProDAT tool for the desired number of seconds to be reduced from the delay. Then, insert the DDA into the tool and drop the RMS-Plus delay element into the well at the bottom of the DDA. Hold the delay in the DDA well with your finger, and rotate the adjustment tool for a few revolutions until the delay setting is complete. The delay element should be installed in the motor with the drilled end facing the propellant.
Because of a difference in delay propellant burning rates, the depth of drilling required per second of delay reduction is less when using the CTI device to drill AeroTech delays. A label on the AeroTech DDA translates the ProDAT settings to the equivalent RMS-Plus delay time reduction: -3 seconds reduction for CTI motor delays is -4 seconds for AeroTech RMS-Plus delays, -5 seconds reduction for CTI is -7 seconds for AeroTech, and -7 seconds reduction for CTI is -10 seconds for AeroTech. There is no equivalent calibration for the CTI -9 setting, as the maximum delay time for 29 & 38mm RMS-Plus reloads is currently 14 seconds.
It is recommended that AeroTech delays not be shortened to less than 4 seconds actual delay time. Users should keep in mind that pyrotechnic time delay tolerance may be up to +/- 20% of the stated value.
The AeroTech DDA (P/N T062705-1) is expected to be available from AeroTech's high-power RMS product dealers in late August, at a suggested retail price of $19.95.
Source: RCS Rocket Motor Components (RCS), Inc.
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