ROL NEWS--AeroTech Introduces the First Black Max Reloads for 38mm RMS

AeroTech Introduces the First Black Max Reloads for 38mm RMS
May 5, 2006
Web posted at: 1:07 PM EDT
(ROL Newswire) -- The Tripoli Motor Testing (TMT) committee of the
Tripoli Rocketry Association has certified two new Easy Access RMS
reload kits using AeroTech's fast-burning "Black Max" propellant, the
38/480 I225FJ-M and the 38/720 I364FJ-M.
RMS motors using Black Max propellant ignite quickly and generate high
average thrust levels very similar to those produced by the equivalent
White Lightning reloads in the same motor hardware. Therefore they are
perfect for larger, heavier rockets that may not be appropriate for use
with the lower-thrust Black Jack motors.
These reloads are sold in a "medium" (approximately 10 second) delay
configuration. RDK-11 Plus may be used to create a "short"
(approximately 6 second) delay, and RDK-15 Plus may be used to create a
"long" (approximately 14 second) delay. Black Max propellant, like the
slower-burning Black Jack, has a distinctive exhaust note and produces a
dense, rich black smoke that is easy to track.
The I225FJ and the I364FJ are only the first in a series of new Black
Max RMS reload kits that are planned for release throughout 2006.
RCS is now accepting orders for the new Black Max reloads and
anticipates shipments to dealers to begin in late May.
Technical specifications, assembly drawings and the official TMT
certification announcement may be downloaded in PDF format from the
AeroTech website at
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Source: RCS Rocket Motor Components (RCS), Inc.
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Wished they would come out with with an F30-50 sized 24mm X 96mm (Estes E size) RMS system. A 24mm BAR project I've done could use just a little bit more impulse. An F21 is borderline for flight and the F39 is not much better.(in simulation) I read somewhere last winter, that this system was on the way and was hoping it would be made in time for this season. I wrote them and received a note back then that suggested the project was ongoing but wouldn't commit to an introduction date. I would have expected to have been told directly if they had absolutely no plans for a system of this size but that wasn't the case. Kurt Savegnago
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