ROL NEWS--Giant Leap Introduces Slimline Nozzle Retainer for 38mm

November 22, 2004 Web posted at: 12:58 PM EST

(ROL Newswire) -- Giant Leap Rocketry introduces a new 38mm retainer that's shaped like a bell nozzle. It not only holds reloadable motors in place, just like other Slimline retainers, but it adds a nozzle shape to the aft end of a rocket. According to Ed at Giant Leap Rocketry, "it's a threaded Slimline, so it works exactly like the standard threaded Slimline, except it adds realism and beauty to the look of your rocket." The nozzle retainer adheres to the motor tube just like other Slimline retainers. Installation is straight forward. Using JB Weld, just slip the retainer over the motortube until the tube butts up against the internal stop in the retainer. Like other Slimlines, the bell-nozzle is machined from 6061 T6 aircraft-grade aluminum. And like the other retainers, it's light, but thick-walled to resist damage. Ed at Giant Leap points out that depending on the sales performance of this product, other sizes (29 and 54mm) will follow.

For more information on the 38mm Slimline Bell Nozzle, see

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Source: Giant Leap Rocketry, Inc.

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Sounds like a Rowes Retainer -

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