ROL NEWS--GPSFlight, Inc. Ships GPS-Team Software Update

GPSFlight, Inc. Ships GPS-Team Software Update November 22, 2004 Web posted at: 1:15 PM EST

Seattle, WA (ROL Newswire) -- Seattle, WA based GPSFlight, Inc.

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is pleased to announce the availability of an enhanced version of their GPS-Team software package for use with the company¹s high performance wireless GPS telemetry products. The new software includes data analysis features found typically in high end modeling programs and is capable of simultaneously tracking the position of multiple GPSFlight STXe transmitter modules. These features result in a stable platform ideal for performance analysis and rocket recovery.

Recent enhancements to the GPSFlight GPS-Team software package add controls for plotting and analyzing altitude data including horizontal and vertical speed, glide ratio and minimum/ maximum altitude achieved. When used with the optional Digital Altimeter Module, the system is capable of yielding altitude data accurate to within 5 feet ­ much more accurate than GPS altitude data alone. The exclusive TracID protocol allows users to track multiple STXe units simultaneously ­ perfect for clubs or large launch events.

Through the end of 2004, GPSFlight is including a full GPS-Team license to rocketry users at no cost (a $199.95 value) with all complete telemetry systems package orders. ³The rocketry community has been very supportive of our efforts this year² said Walt Wiley, GPSFlight¹s General Manager. ³We¹ve received numerous thank you notes from our customers who successfully tracked and then recovered their high-performance rockets under difficult conditions.²

More information including sample data and extensive documentation is available from the Company¹s web site; specific questions may be directed to or via telephone to (425) 653-2GPS.

Source: GPSFlight, Inc.

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