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AeroTech Prize Contest Announced March 10, 2006 Web posted at: 12:35 PM EST

(ROL Newswire) -- AeroTech Consumer Aerospace is sponsoring a new type of competitive rocketry event.

The AeroTech Prize is an ongoing AeroTech-sponsored rocketry contest that can be held at NAR and Tripoli-sanctioned rocket launches at any time during the year. It is an entry fee-based contest using a single motor in a single stage. Participants will be judged on the maximum altitude obtained from each particular class of rocket motor.

The goals of the contest are three-fold:

? Expand public awareness of hobby rocketry through increased launch activity & publicity

? Increase the level of technical sophistication in the hobby by promoting a performance challenge

? Offer recognition, monetary and product rewards to the most successful participants

AeroTech will create and maintain the contest rules and entry documents, and provide advertising, press releases and donate optional product prizes for the local contests that will be held periodically.

The local contests will be managed by selected AeroTech on-site dealers. The dealers will be responsible for collecting entry fees, validating entry applications and rocket altitudes and disbursing the cash and product awards.

The AeroTech Prize contest shall initially be divided into three (3) classes or categories: 'F', 'I' and 'K'. The 'F' class is structured to permit all model rocket flyers, including those individuals under the age of 18, to participate in the contest. The 'I' class is a high-power event designed to encourage Level 1 certified individuals to participate. The 'K' class is a high-performance contest for Level 2 certified participants.

Official rules and participant and dealer entry forms for the AeroTech Prize contest in PDF format may be downloaded from the AeroTech website at

formatting link
Permission is hereby granted for the reproduction of the PDF for the purpose of conducting AeroTech Prize contests in accordance with the rules specified in the document.

AeroTech would like to thank Andy Woerner for conducting the very first AeroTech Prize contest at the monthly TRA San Diego launch on 3/4/06. Andy reported that "it was very well received and attended" and "everyone enjoyed themselves and there (was) lots of interest for next month."

Source: RCS Rocket Motor Components (RCS), Inc.

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