ROL NEWS--EMRR Design This Spaceship Contest Announced

EMRR Design This Spaceship Contest Announced
May 4, 2006
Web posted at: 12:21 PM EDT
(ROL Newswire) -- Essence's Model Rocketry Reviews (EMRR) is please to
announce their latest contest geared toward the creative rocket
community: "Design This Spaceship" Contest.
The contest is open to low-power, mid-power, and high-power rocket
designers and fliers. The concept is straight-forward: design any one
(or up to four) of the six "spaceship" choices, build it, fly it, and
write up a construction article to be eligible for MAJOR prizes.
The "spaceship" concepts are a single picture on the EMRR contest page.
It is then up to entrants to develop the plan and build the rocket so
that it can fly. Some are much more challenging than others, however,
all have a unique look that will certainly get the "ooh's and aah's"
when finished and punched into the air.
The contest has weighted scoring to address the complexity of some of
the designs as well as four areas of measure:
Replication Score (50%); Replicate the picture into a viable 3D flying
machine! Flight Score (15%); Prove that it can fly and be recovered!
Write Up Score (25%); Record key information and drawings do others can
do it! Best in Group Percentage (10%); Make it the best!
The total prize pool is currently valued at > $750 and is being provided
by (in alphabetical order):
Aerotech: Cheetah Rocket Kit
Art Applewhite Rockets: 29mm Flying Saucer Peter Alway - 1/195 Saturn V
Model Minutes US: 6-Pack Rocket Collection
Public Missiles: Lil' Lunar Express
QModeling: Vega or Snooper Kit
Sirius Rocketry: Refit U.S.S. Atlantis Kit
SpaceCAD: Design Software License
Squirrel Works: Nick Adams' Interstellar Probe Kit
Thrustline Aerospace; Electra Kit
All entries need to be submitted by August 1, 2006.
Visit EMRR at
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to find out more details or write to
EMRR, P.O. Box 1172, Williston, VT
Source: Essence Model Rocketry Reviews (EMRR)
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This contest looks like it could really bring some nice designs out.
Is it possible for the source of the images to be revealed?
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Just saw a picture of a finished spaceship... one I didn't anticipate anyone building so quickly! It looked great. He said he'll fly it this week.
Here are some questions:
1) Can I build this out of paper?
2) Can I convert an existing kit into one of these (and it would count toward the EMRR Challenge)?
3) Can I build the simpliest one quickly and then work hard to get a more difficult one submitted?
4) Can I use non-rocketry (typically) items, like egg-shell cartons, ping-pong balls, plastic kit parts, baby bottles, soda or other sport drink bottles, etc.?
Food for thought....
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