[Planet News] Madcow Rocketry: New product announcement - Sensor

LAGUNA WOODS, California USA -- Madcow Rocketry is proud to announce a
new kit in their Craftsman Series of model rocket kits.
The new kit is called 'Sensor' and features cool retro laser cut plywood
fins interlocked with a tail ring. The finished rocket is 21" long,
1.9" in diameter and weighs in at 9oz without motor.
This kit comes with all the standard features you'd expect from a Madcow
Rocketry kit. These Include; 29mm motor mount, custom balsa nose cone,
laser cut plywood parts, pre-slotted body tube, Nomex® chute protector,
Kevlar® shock cord and a rip-stop nylon parachute.
Madcow Rocketry offers a line of quality kits that are easy to build and
fun to fly. Their kits are a great choice when you're ready to make that
transition up from low power or if you want to build a rocket that's
just plain old fun to fly.
Contact Info:
Madcow Rocketry
24338 El Toro Rd E-134
Laguna Woods, California 92637
Phone: (949) 547-8847
Email: snipped-for-privacy@madcowrocketry.com
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Darrell D. Mobley
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I just got my Sensor in the mail today. I dry fit everything together and I just can't help but staring at it. It is one of the coolest looking rockets I have. I can't wait to get it all glued together so I can launch it.
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