[Planet News] AeroTech announces new products at NARAM-48

AeroTech introduced a number of new products during the "Manufacturer's
Forum" held on Tuesday, August 1st at NARAM-48 (National Association of
Rocketry Annual Meet) in Phoenix, Arizona.
After a recap of new products and sales programs that were released earlier
in 2006, AeroTech President Gary Rosenfield stated that production
quantities of the new 29mm G77R RedlineT single-use motor previously
announced in May (P/N 77704, 77707 and 77710) were delivered to dealers at
NARAM-48 and had already been flown a number of times. On Sunday, Bob
Sanford demonstrated the G77R in his AeroTech "ArreauxT" rocket for a
perfect flight.
The final design of the G77R was modified slightly to increase the total
impulse. The NAR-certified version now develops 105 N-sec of power. It ships
with a color-coded bondable aft thrust ring, a FirstFire Jr.T igniter and is
priced at $19.99 each, in delay times of 4, 7 and 10 seconds.
A new motor closure adapter for the previously-released EFC-1 Electronic
Forward Closure was shown, part no. EFC29-4. This adapter allows the use of
the EFC-1 with the model rocket RMS-29/40-120 hardware, further expanding
the versatility of the electronic delay timing device. The EFC29-4 is
available now at a suggested retail price of $24.95.
Next, Gary unveiled to NARAM-48 participants a new 29mm single-use 'G'
motor, the G79W (P/N 77904, 77907 and 77910). This motor is a White
LightningT equivalent to the G77R and delivers 112 N-sec of total impulse
with a burn time of 1.4 seconds. Like the G77R, the G79W is shipped with a
color-coded bondable aft thrust ring, a FirstFire Jr. igniter and is priced
at $19.99 each, in delay times of 4, 7 and 10 seconds.
For the past year or so, AeroTech has been working on a new type of rocket
motor concept called the Loadable Motor System or LMS (patent pending).
The LMS was going to be applied initially to the AeroTech model rocket motor
lineup in the form of a Limited-Use ReloadableT (LURT) F20W EconojetT. Plans
change, and the first motor to benefit from the new motor technology was the
LMS K250W released earlier this year. The LMS idea was then reapplied to the
F20W and resulted in the development of F20W/L LMS motor kits (P/N 61904 and
61907). The F20W/L is a 2-pack of F20W motors in kit form. They are easily
assembled in just a few minutes with 5-minute epoxy. The F20W/L motors kits
are priced at $27.99 per 2-pack, a savings of $4 over the assembled
equivalent Econojets, and are shipped with color-coded bondable aft thrust
rings. A key advantage of the LMS is the ability to change or modify delays,
and the appropriate delay kits are specified on the LMS motor kit
Gary mentioned that AeroTech dealers have been requesting a means to ship
motors larger than the F20W and F42T Econojets without a hazmat charge. As a
result of this customer feedback, AeroTech has redesigned and recertified
the popular G64W RMS-29/40-120 reload kit (P/N 76404, 76407 and 76410) as a
2-grain design, which can now be shipped USPS Parcel Post® with no hazmat
charge. Price and delay times will remain the same.
There was "one more thing". AeroTech has applied the LMS concept to the G77R
and G79R designs, and is releasing the G77R and G79W in LMS motor kit form
as the G77R/L (P/N 77604, 77607 and 77610) and G79W/L (P/N 77804, 77807 and
77810). These motor kits produce identical performance to their preassembled
counterparts, but at an even lower retail price of $17.99 each and may be
shipped via USPS Parcel Post® with no hazmat fees. They also include the
color-coded bondable aft thrust ring and FirstFire Jr. igniter and will be
available in the same time delays as the pre-built versions. All LMS motor
kits will be available dealer-direct only for the foreseeable future.
Finally, Gary revealed that all future production AeroTech 29mm single-use
motors will be shipping with color-coded bondable aft thrust rings.
AeroTech Consumer Aerospace is a division of RCS Rocket Motor Components,
Inc., Cedar City, UT.
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Bondable? I am guessing, but is the color coding for thrust ring length? Is this to be preferred over masking tape?
~ Duane Phillips.
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Duane Phillips
Duane, Just a guess, but I imagine it is like a thrust ring that came on the motors that Rocket Vision used to sell. Their's were already bonded to the motor. The AT idea sounds good; a lot less time consuming than the tape.
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