Certification of AeroTech 'G'-Power Redline Reload Kits

Certification of AeroTech 'G'-Power Redline Reload Kits
December 30, 2004
Web posted at: 2:52 PM EST
Cedar City, UT (ROL Newswire) -- The AeroTech division of RCS Rocket
Motor Components (RCS), Inc. is pleased to announce the certification of
two new Reloadable Motor System (RMS) reload kits by the Tripoli Motor
Testing (TMT) committee. These reloads are the 29mm G77R and the 38mm
G67R, and are the first Redline reload kits released by AeroTech in the
'G'-power class.
The G77R uses two standard Redline grains from the 29mm high power RMS
line, and the G67R uses a single standard Redline 38mm RMS grain. Both
reload kits are shipped with a FirstFire two-lead igniter, and retail
for $13.95 each.
The two 'G' reloads fit new RMS casings that were introduced earlier
this year by AeroTech and Dr. Rocket/Reloadable Systems. These cases are
compatible with existing 29 & 38mm high power closures. The G77R is NOT
compatible with the 29/40-120 model rocket RMS hardware.
The G77R and G67R reloads qualify as "model rocket motors" and no user
certification is required, though purchasers must be 18 years of age or
older in compliance with Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)
The 29mm G77R can be shipped via U.S. Postal Service Parcel Post with no
hazmat fee, due to the fact that the individual propellant grains weigh
less than 30 grams each. Detailed specifications for both reload kits
can be found on the AeroTech website at
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Well, as I understand it, if Aerotech doesn't do it themselves then an individual member or other entity could apply for a certification under NAR rules.
-dave w
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