ROL NEWS--AeroTech to Re-release Long-Burn 54mm Reload Kits

AeroTech to Re-release Long-Burn 54mm Reload Kits
June 29, 2004
Web posted at: 7:07 PM EDT
Cedar City, UT (ROL Newswire) -- The AeroTech division of RCS Rocket
Motor Components (RCS), Inc. is pleased to announce that it will soon be
re-releasing its 54mm long-burn Reloadable Motor System (RMS) reload
kits, which have not been manufactured since October 2001. These kits
were extremely popular with high-power fliers due to their long burn
times and their ability to be used in rockets of light weight
construction and as upper stages. AeroTech expects that production and
shipment of these reloads to its dealers will begin by the end of July.
Time-thrust curves for these reloads can be viewed on the Tripoli
Association website at:
formatting link

These motors use a variation of the "Moonburning" offset-core grain
geometry invented by Bill Wood in the early '80's. AeroTech's version
employs a rectangular slot offset to one side of the propellant grain to
achieve the extended burn time characteristic of the Moonburner design.
While the J180T uses the conventional 54mm RMS propellant grain
diameter and phenolic liner, the J90W, J135W and K185W reloads utilize a
slightly smaller propellant grain, outer phenolic liner and an inner
paper liner to protect the casing from the extended exposure to hot
combustion gases.
Suggested retail prices for these reload kits will be comparable to the
prices of other AeroTech reloads that fit the same RMS hardware
specifications. Extended length 54mm forward closures must be used with
the White Lightning reloads to accommodate the longer delay columns
that are necessary for these motors.
Source: RCS Rocket Motor Components (RCS), Inc.
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So do you enter them into the ATF system unnecessarily (27 CFR 555.141-a-8) at the point of initial distribution??
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Jerry Irvine
Hey, I'm glad to see you finally seeking advice from some real motor manufacturers! Maybe you'll learn enough that someday you too will be able to commercially produce certified motors. ;)
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Loki Research will be demonstrating its 54mm moon burning loads at LDRS this week. If you'd like to fly a 1110J222 stop by and see us there!
- Jeff Taylor Loki Research
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Jeff Taylor
It is the ILP method of nomenclature
Total Impulse Letter class Average thrust Delay time Propellant style
1110 J 220 - 8 FU
Sometimes preceeded by manufacturer and diameter.
LR 54mm 1110 J 220 - 8 FU
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Jerry Irvine
Total impulse.
Good seeing you at NSL. Maybe next time we'll get to visit a little longer (ie, exchange views over a cold one :)
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Doug Sams

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