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The Tripoli Motor Testing (TMT) committee of the Tripoli Rocketry Association has certified two new high-power RMS? reload kits using AeroTech's "Warp-9" propellant, the 38mm I1299N-P and the 75mm K1499N-P.

The I1299N-P generates the highest thrust ever produced by an 'I'-class hobby rocket motor, exceeding 330 pounds. The K1499N-P is perfect for use as a short, high-performance booster in a multi-stage rocket, developing nearly 430 pounds of thrust. Delivered specific impulse (propellant performance efficiency) was measured at 224.6 seconds for the I1299N-P and 223.1 sec for the K1499N-P.

Reload kit designation I1299N-P K1499N-P Part No. 09129P 11149P RMS hardware designation 38/480 75/1280 TMT total impulse (N-sec) 423 1,322 TMT burn time (sec) 0.32 0.88 Propellant weight (g) 192 604 Loaded motor weight (g) 422 1,741 Retail price $49.99 $129.99

Warp-9 reloads are currently sold in a plugged configuration because of the tendency of Warp-9 propellant to occasionally "snuff out" a delay charge, due to the extremely fast chamber pressure decay rate. Rockets using Warp-9 motors must employ a timer, altimeter or radio-actuated recovery system.

AeroTech is now accepting orders for the new Warp-9 reloads and anticipates shipments to dealers to begin in January. Rouse-Tech has the new 75/1280 hardware needed for the K1499N-P in stock and available for immediate delivery.

TMT certification documents, assembly drawings and motor instructions for the I1299N-P and the K1499N-P may be downloaded in PDF format from the Resource Library on the AeroTech website at

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AeroTech Consumer Aerospace is a division of RCS Rocket Motor Components, Inc., Cedar City, UT.

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Any news on the Sky Ripper 54s? They should have been submitted at the same time........guess gas takes longer to burn. ;-)


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Chuck Rudy

At the same time???

I heard they were submitted over a year ago.

What gives there

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