[Planet News] Contrail ignition system approved by Tripoli Motor Testing

LAKE HAVASU CITY, Arizona USA -- Contrail Rockets is pleased to announce that as of November 1st, 2006 all Contrail Rockets 75mm Hybrid Motors are now certified to use Pyrodex Pellets for ignition.

The current line of 75mm Motors which is produced by Contrail Rockets has in the past used a manufactured igniter from Contrail Rockets, however, effective immediately all current and future motors produced by Contrail Rockets will be shipped with igniters to utilize Pyrodex Pellets for motor ignition.

Contrail Rockets has found that the use of Pyrodex Pellets as Hybrid Preheaters is easier, more reliable and also provides a smoother ignition characteristic. Please contact us at snipped-for-privacy@contrailrockets.com to upgrade your existing 75mm reloads to the new and improved Pyrodex Pellet ignition method.

Contrail Rockets continues to pioneer and develop new hybrid motors for use in High Power Rocketry. They currently produce 67 Certified Motors ranging from 38mm G-100's to the 152mm O-6300.

Below is the attached message from Paul Holmes which was published to the Official Tripoli Rocketry Forum.

To All,

Contrail has recertified the 75 MM Hybrid line to utilize their, now standard, Pyrodex ignition system. The first few motors in the 75 MM line utilized a manufactured igniter. All were retested and found to have much smoother ignition characteristics with the Pyrodex preheaters. For all customers that have the original non-Pyrodex igniter, contact Contrail for specific instructions for their motor and the new igniter systems.

Paul Holmes Chairman, Tripoli Motor Testing

(Distributed with permission)

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