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The Official certification from Tripoli Motor Testing has just been released on the latest of 12 New Reloads. These reloads were tested during the same time as the O-6300 Reload was. The New Motors are tested in the 38, 54, and 98mm Sizes (as well as the already announced

152mm O-6300). The Some of the notable reloads are the new 38mm Sparky Reloads. These reloads are the first certified 38mm Sparky motors in an H and I impulse. Also certified in the 38mm line are 2 new XXF Motors. Both the I-747 and I-727 Reloads are now available. Both these motors burn in .5 and .7 Seconds respectively.

New in the 54mm Line of motors is the first of the 54mm Sparky Motors. This is a new formula designed for the smaller motors (38mm and 54mm) which enables large amounts of sparks to be produces, while not compromising ISP as heavily. Sparky Motors are available in all 3 case sizes of 54mm motors. Also now available in the 54mm line are some new Black Gold Reloads to compliment the already available selection in the current hardware.

A New 98mm Reload is also available for the Large Motor Flyers. The M-2700 Motor Produces Plenty of Power off the Pad to lift the heaviest of rockets. Perfect for flyers who want to fly a big motor, in a heavy rocket, but have a limited waiver.

Also, a motor which has already be announced, but was included with the latest TMT Announcement to the TRA Forum is the O-6300. This motor currently has the highest peak and average thrust of any motor certified by Tripoli, NAR or CAR.

Video of these reloads is available on the Contrail Rockets Website at:

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New Reloads are as follows:

38mm Reloads: H-340-Sparky I-747-HP I-290-Sparky I-727-HP

54mm Reloads: J-292-Sparky J-355-Black Gold J-272-Sparky J-358-Black Gold J-416-Sparky J-642-Black Gold K-265-Sparky

98mm Reloads: M-2700-Black Smoke

152mm Reloads O-6300-Black Smoke

For Questions or more information please contact us via E-mail at or via Phone at 520-990-4721. Thanks Tom Sanders Contrail Rockets LLC.

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