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Contrail Rockets LLC and Pratt Hobbies Promotion June 17, 2005 Web posted at: 12:45 PM EDT

(ROL Newswire) -- Contrail Rockets LLC and Pratt Hobbies have teamed up to offer the ?Half Price Ticket? promotion to encourage hybrid fliers to try the unique new Contrail motors. Customers who order a Contrail motor hardware set from Pratt Hobbies get their first reload kit for any Contrail motor at half price, along with a free Adapter Kit for easy conversion of most launch systems to fill and fire the motor.

Contrail Rockets LLC of Lake Havasu, AZ recently introduced a unique product line of 75mm hybrid sport rocket motors. Eight Contrail motor combinations are now Tripoli-certified, in the K through M range.

Pratt Hobbies of Herndon, VA is the manufacturer of the RTLS Remote Tanking and Launching System, the only launch system on the market that can fill and fire any commercially available sport rocket motor, solid or hybrid. Pratt Hobbies is proud to be a Contrail Rockets dealer, and also offers all other brands of hybrid rocket motors through the Web store at

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Contrail Rockets LLC rocket motors

Contrail motor hardware can be assembled in different configurations, offering versatility in thrust and motor sizing. The components are connected with flush-mounted hex head bolts and are assembled with no special tools required.

The Contrail fuel grains use a high-regression-rate fuel, offering higher thrust. Contrail reload kits include a cast fuel grain, a pre-assembled bundle of tubing and hardware to connect to the injector, and a 24-volt igniter. Several different fuel formulas are available.

Contrail motor hardware sets have three components: the oxidizer tank/injector assembly, the combustion chamber, and the nozzle. Three tank/injector assemblies, four combustion chambers, and three nozzles are available. You can select the tank, chamber and nozzle for a particular certified motor combination, then fly another motor combination later by attaching a different sized chamber or nozzle to the tank.

Ground Support Equipment (GSE)

Contrail motors require two lines to be connected to the oxidizer fill system. Pratt Hobbies has developed a simple adapter kit that allows you to attach two connectors of the appropriate size to the RTLS-M2 Valve Manifold or any other fill system with a 1/8 NPT female connector or 4AN female hose.

Contrail igniters require 24 volts to fire properly. Pratt Hobbies offers a Booster Box accessory that connects to the RTLS-M1 Baseblock Module or any other standard 12 volt launch system. An auxiliary 12 volt battery is attached to the Booster Box. On ignition command, the RTLS Baseblock?s internal battery (or other launch system) is connected in series with the auxiliary battery, providing 24 volts to the Contrail igniter.

Both of these components are included in Pratt Hobbies? Contrail Adapter Kit, which sells for $40. Customers who take advantage of the Half Price Ticket Promotion will receive the Adapter Kit for free.

How to Order

Customers can select the hardware set for the motor they want from the chart on the Contrail information page at

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They can then select the appropriate reload kit and add it to the order. When the order is received, they will be emailed an invoice showing the 50% discount on the price of the fuel grain and the free adapter kit.

Contrail also offers a complete System Kit with all the 75mm hardware, capable of being combined into any of the certified motor combinations, as well as motors that are planned for certification testing in the future. Customers who purchase the complete System Kit during the Half Price Ticket promotion may purchase any or all of the eight certified reload kits at half price.

For more information, see the Contrail information pages at

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Source: Pratt Hobbies

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