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Minitanker Combo Available from Pratt Hobbies February 1, 2005 Web posted at: 2:03 PM EST

Herndon, VA (ROL Newswire) -- Pratt Hobbies is proud to announce a new product in their line of ground support equipment for rocket modelers: the Minitanker Combo.

The Minitanker Combo is a package designed to help modelers start using smaller hybrid rocket motors (in the G and H range) as economically as possible. The package includes a 5-pound tank for liquid N2O, a custom-manufactured solenoid valve, and fittings to attach to all commercially-available floating-injector hybrid rocket motors. The Minitanker Combo is priced at $195.00.

Floating-injector hybrid motors use a nylon hose to fill the motor with N2O, and a small pyrotechnic igniter to preheat the combustion chamber and release the N2O by cutting the hose. Popular motors of this type are made by RATT Works, Sky Ripper Systems, Propulsion Polymers and West Coast Hybrids.

The Minitanker Combo is easily connected to any typical club launch system that provides at least two circuits of 12 volts for ignition of conventional motors. One of the circuits controls the Minitanker solenoid valve, allowing the motor to be filled. The other circuit attaches to the motor's igniter and functions exactly as it would with a conventional solid fuel motor.

"Hybrid motors have grown in popularity over the last few years," said Doug Pratt, owner of Pratt Hobbies. "Our Modular RTLS (Remote Tanking and Launching System) ground support system has sold very well. The RTLS incorporates its own battery and electrical control system, and is an outstanding value because it is the only system that will fill and fire all commercially-available hobby rocket motors, solid or hybrid."

"However, as hybrid motor technology has matured, smaller motors have come on the market. I am very excited about the new 29mm G and H motors coming soon from Sky Ripper Systems, and the RATT Works H70 remains our best selling hybrid motor. That inspired me to think about a 'minimalist' ground support system, something that would make it easier and cheaper for folks to start flying these small hybrids," said Pratt.

If your club has a multi-pad 12 volt launch system, or you have two standard launch systems of your own, the Minitanker Combo is all you need to start flying G and H hybrids. The 5 pound supply tank is adequate for 6-8 flights of an H motor, depending on conditions. The solenoid valve is custom manufactured to Pratt Hobbies specifications and guaranteed for life. Fittings are included to connect to all floating-injector hybrids in the G-H range currently on the market.

The Minitanker is not suitable for motors that are larger than H, because there is no ?dump? valve to vent the tank in the event of a misfire. When you decide to upgrade to bigger motors, you can trade in the Minitanker valve assembly toward the cost of an RTLS-M2 system, which is suitable for any hybrid motor. Complete descriptions and documentation of the Minitanker and RTLS systems are available on the Pratt Hobbies web site.

The Minitanker Combo is available for immediate shipment from the Pratt Hobbies catalog web site,

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