Press Release: Pratt Hobbies BFV Hybrid Fill Valve

Pratt Hobbies is proud to announce that we now offer a hybrid fill valve with the highest flow rate of any currently available system.

The BFV Oversize Fill Valve will fill a HyperTEK 440cc J motor in 15 seconds, or a RATT Works K240 in 55 seconds. The coil in the BFV draws

2.9 amps and does not need a cooldown cycle between actuations. All our valves are tested to open at 1500 psi.

Like all our valves, the BFV is custom made to our specifications out of the highest quality parts. Our valve supplier made the nitrous systems for the "Fast and Furious" movies, and has an excellent reputation in the racing business.

The BFV Oversize Fill Valve is available as an upgrade to our RTLS-M2 Valve Manifold, or separately. Buying the BFV at the same time you buy an RTLS-M2 Valve Manifold saves you over 20% of the cost of the valve. Current RTLS-M2 owners can trade in their standard fill valves for credit toward a BFV. We also offer a tank pressure gauge upgrade for the RTLS-M2.

The RTLS Remote Tanking and Launching System is the only launch system on the market that will fill and fire any commercially available rocket motor, solid or hybrid. The RTLS system is sold in four modules. The RTLS Baseblock, Module 1, is a self-contained rechargeable relay system that will fire conventional solid fuel motors; it comes with a 100 foot cable and a built in 3000 mAh battery. Plug in the RTLS-M2 Valve Manifold and a nitrous supply tank, and you're flying floating-injector hybrids (RATT Works, Propulsion Polymers, SkyRipper, West Coast). For K motors and above that require more than the 100 foot cable, the RTLS-M3 Longwire system allows control as far away as 2000 feet. Adding the RTLS-M4 GOX Box will enable filling and firing of non-pyrotechnic motor systems (HyperTEK). With this modular approach, you buy what you need for the motors you use, and upgrade when you're ready; and all four modules together cost less than other systems that only fire one type of hybrid motor.

Full details and secure online ordering at

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Come to LDRS-23 in Geneseo, NY over the Fourth of July weekend, and see the BFV in action supporting hybrid L and M flights!

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Doug Pratt
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Thanks to you, LDRS attendees will see a hybrid motor that is truly worthy of this valve. Several motors, in fact.

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