Contrail Rockets/Pratt Hobbies "Half Price Ticket" Promotion

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Contrail Rockets LLC and Pratt Hobbies announce "Half Price Ticket" Promotion

Contrail Rockets LLC and Pratt Hobbies have teamed up to offer the "Half Price Ticket" promotion to encourage hybrid fliers to try the unique new Contrail motors. Customers who order a Contrail motor hardware set from Pratt Hobbies get their first reload kit for any Contrail motor at half price, along with a free Adapter Kit for easy conversion of most launch systems to fill and fire the motor.

Contrail Rockets LLC of Lake Havasu, AZ recently introduced a unique product line of 75mm hybrid sport rocket motors. Eight Contrail motor combinations are now Tripoli-certified, in the K through M range.

Pratt Hobbies of Herndon, VA is the manufacturer of the RTLS Remote Tanking and Launching System, the only launch system on the market that can fill and fire any commercially available sport rocket motor, solid or hybrid. Pratt Hobbies is proud to be a Contrail Rockets dealer, and also offers all other brands of hybrid rocket motors through the Web store at

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Contrail Rockets LLC rocket motors

Contrail motor hardware can be assembled in different configurations, offering great versatility in thrust and motor sizing. The components are connected with flush-mounted hex head bolts and are easily assembled with no special tools required.

The unique Contrail fuel grains use a high-regression-rate fuel, offering higher thrust than other currently available hybrids. Contrail reload kits include a cast fuel grain, a pre-assembled bundle of tubing and hardware to connect to the injector, and a 24-volt igniter. Several different fuel formulas are available.

Contrail motor hardware sets have three components: the oxidizer tank/injector assembly, the combustion chamber, and the nozzle. Three tank/injector assemblies, four combustion chambers, and three nozzles are available. You can select the tank, chamber and nozzle for a particular certified motor combination, then fly another motor combination later by attaching a different sized chamber or nozzle to the tank.

Ground Support Equipment (GSE)

Contrail motors require two lines to be connected to the oxidizer fill system. Pratt Hobbies has developed a simple adapter kit that allows you to attach two connectors of the appropriate size to the RTLS-M2 Valve Manifold or any other fill system with a 1/8 NPT female connector or 4AN female hose.

Contrail igniters require 24 volts to fire properly. Pratt Hobbies offers a Booster Box accessory that connects to the RTLS-M1 Baseblock Module or any other standard 12 volt launch system. An auxiliary 12 volt battery is attached to the Booster Box. On ignition command, the RTLS Baseblock's internal battery (or other launch system) is connected in series with the auxiliary battery, providing 24 volts to the Contrail igniter.

Both of these components are included in Pratt Hobbies' Contrail Adapter Kit, which sells for $40. Customers who take advantage of the Half Price Ticket Promotion will receive the Adapter Kit for free.

How to Order

Customers can select the hardware set for the motor they want from the chart on the Contrail information page at

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They can then select the appropriate reload kit and add it to the order. When the order is received, they will be emailed an invoice showing the

50% discount on the price of the fuel grain and the free adapter kit.

Contrail also offers a complete System Kit with all the 75mm hardware, capable of being combined into any of the certified motor combinations, as well as motors that are planned for certification testing in the future. Customers who purchase the complete System Kit during the Half Price Ticket promotion may purchase any or all of the eight certified reload kits at half price.

For more information, see the Contrail information pages at

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or use the contact information above.

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Be specific. What fuel?

What makes it so regressive?

This is on-topic.

Tech Jerry

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Jerry Irvine

Yeah, jerry would like to sell clones of them on his web site, so be specific.

Also, do You have any pictures or graphics of Your product that jerry could copyright infringe?

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Dave Grayvis

Based on the answer I received I would say cloning would be "counterproductive".

But amusing!!

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Jerry Irvine

I thought he was. But then I am easily entertained by the Jerry vs. The World Saga see Chapter #995 on RMR NOW! Brought to you with minimal commercial interuptions and as always absolutely no sanity whatever. SEE IT TODAY!!!!!!!

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AFAIK it's HTPB with similar additives (metals) to those used in solid motors. Hence the higher regression rate than motors that 'fly pipe'.

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Niall Oswald


All of our Fuels are "Regressive". And when you really get down to it they are more regressive than standard PVC or PolyPro Grains that other manufactures have used.

The Reason they are so regressive can be answered in many ways. The First being because they have to be! If there were not extremely regressive we would not be able to produce a L-2525 Motor, or M-2281 Motor, or a Motor which is in the works to be a M-3500+ Motor.

The Second Answer to the question would be what in the fuels make the motors so agressive... The Answer to that question is not going to be answered specifically by myself, but I can tell you that no one has nailed it right on the head just yet. We use all propriatary formulas. And just as Aerotech, Cessaroni, Loki, or AMW would not share formula, I will not either. It just doesn't make sense from a business standpoint. I have helped a few people doing EX Hybrids, but by no means am i going to give away our formulas. I work very hard to perfect them and can't just give them away.

I wouldn't say cloning would be counterproductive, but I wouldn't recommend it. Anyone who has seen our hardware knows the quality, and care we put into it. Not something i would expect to see from to many people. If you would like to get a first hand view of the hardware feel free to make a purchase of the equipment. You will need to be Tripoli or NAR Certified Level 2 However. Or at least level 1 and going to make a L2 Attempt.

Thanks Tom Sanders Contrail Rockets LLC.

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Contrail Rockets


I am sorry, it isn't as easy as this:

Step 1: Pour in HTPB, Step 2: Mix in Metals, Step 3: Add Some curing agent and Pour in tubes

I am sure i am oversimplifying this to the EXTREME, but the fact remains that creating a fuel, and a hybrid fuel at that, which will perform in extreme conditions is not easy. It can be done as we have shown, but does take effort, research and some hard work. I have spoken to you in the past if i am not mistaken about some of these topics, so you are familar with some of the work which we have done are are currently working on...

currently all 3 of our fuel blends have 8+ chemicals in them, and 2 have 12+ chemicals in them. A Fuel blend which we hoope to release next year will have 16+ Different chemicals in it, that will provide performance, and burn characteristics yet to be seen in hybrid motors. Not to mention it is non-hazardous, requires no ATF Permit, and features all of our current motor characteristics which our motors currently provide.

Other motors which we will be certing include 38, 54, 98, and 150mm motors starting at a G, or H Motor and going up to a full O Impulse (O-6500) Motor, with an O-10000 possible if requested. And Remember, hybrids have always been considered "Slow...".

Just as a point of reference, an O-10000 has a Plume of approximatly

30+ Feet. It Burns for just over 3 seconds, and provides over 4000 pounds of thrust at start up.

Keep them flying!

Tom Sanders Contrail Rockets LLC.

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Contrail Rockets

Sounds like you've got some great stuff in the works. I really hope we get to see one of your motors over here sometime soon. In something of not more than 3" diameter preferably!

The point I was making was that your motors are using a completely different fuel to pretty much everything else on the market, as you say it's a fuel you've carefully tailored to the requirements. Fuel grains for other motors are quite literally just off-the-shelf pipe, lightly machined (this is no bad thing, it brings the cost right down!) Yours are based on a type of fuel which generally has a higher regression rate, which is all I was really saying. I'm guessing there's some amounts of metal in some of them, the sparky motor test videos are awesome!

I'm looking forwards to seeing what you come up with in the 54mm and

38mm sizes, I think the UK market would be more likely to take to those than 75mm L/M motors (launch site issues and perhaps less interest in big/heavy/slow and more in small/fast/high over here). A high-thrust 54mm K hybrid motor would be awesome to see.


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Niall Oswald (via Google)

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