(AD) 13 Pratt Hobbies kits for the price of 12

Pratt Hobbies proudly announces that it's not only bakers who give you an extra when you order a dozen. Our Baker's Dozen bulk pack includes all parts for 13 of our Super Six rockets for the bulk-pack price of

  1. The Super Six is regularly priced at .00 each, and .00 each in bulk packs. The Baker's Dozen sells for .00.

All Pratt Hobbies bulk packs come with the small parts pre-bagged so they don't get lost. One set of instructions is included; use a copier to make as many as you need. The Super Six kit includes a Fin Jig, so your students can set the rockets up with the fins straight while the glue is drying and they're building the motor mount.

The Super Six features a plastic nose cone, a heavy-duty body tube with a gloss white finish, a Kevlar shock cord, and a Heatshield so recovery wadding is never needed. All parts are pre-cut, so you don't need knives or scissors, just white glue and masking tape. The Super Six is designed for small-field flying, and will reach 800 feet on inexpensive A6-4 or A8-3 motors. Streamer recovery and extra-strong components bring it down close to the pad and ready to fly again. Our unique motor mount retains the motor with a single wrap of masking tape around the bottom of the mount; no friction fitting or metal clips. And the Nomex Heatshield makes re-prepping fast and easy.

Our most popular kit is also available in larger quantities at the bulk-pack price of $4.00 each, and we always include an extra kit in the bulk packs. There is no better value anywhere!

Please see our Web catalog at

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for details on all our products, as well as secure online ordering. UK and European fliers are invited to visit our exclusive Euro distributor, Deepsky Rocket Shop, at
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