UK news - or D motor deja vu!!

Hi all,
We will try to be brief ;-) There are still some tired eyeballs out there from the last splenetic R/C Rocket screed. Thanks for all the positive
feedback on that opus! We appreciate your support.
We've been stock taking. While the web shop is always neat and tidy, we have 100s of rockets scattered all over the place in the "warehouse"! Today will be the first day we have shipped this week but the bulk of the stockroom work is sorted and we should be fully back in gear by Friday. A legacy problem with the database had us running in circles for a while ;-(
For those that suffered a delay, our apologies.
Cool news! Deepsky is providing rocketry bits for the next Star Trek movie. We are not worthy, etc. ;-)
Gettin' dem D motor blooz again, momma!
We have lots of D12-0s in stock and quite a few D12-7s... but other D motors are getting low and the UK distributor has run out like last year (deja vu all over again). We have ordered more direct from the States and hope they will be with us in 30 days time.
We have a comfortable supply of C6-0s now and, back from the dead, B6-0s are here, too. A10-PT, plugged mini motors for small rocket gliders or rocket cars, are plentiful at the moment.
CE marking - no news but good news soon from Cesaroni, we hope. No word about Aerotech or Congreve. There will be HPR in 2005! Deepsky Hybrid Services are chugging along towards daylight. The trailer, trusses, rails and Hypertek GSE are being assembled. When we are at a venue with the Deepsky Hybrid Launch Complex, bring your rocket and use our GSE for a flat fee. Hybrids fly for less!
Coming soon: Skyripper 29mm G hybrid motors. Very sweet!
Afterburner is our own bimodal model rocket hybrid motor that is almost reaching the shipping point. There are two sizes: one fits the same motor mount as a C motor, the other fits a D motor mount. Both Afterburner 18 and 24 development and testing status are good. The final o-ring supply issues are sorted. AB18s are being bagged. The AB24 is ready for test firing. The first edition AB24 will have a single injector jet but our hope is to go to multiple injectors ASAP depending on the cost. Afterburner 24 Upgrades to Afterburner 18 kits will be announced soon.
Deepsky has become the primary UK agent for Pratt Hobbies rocket products. We have microbeacons, 12 volt Go Boxes, Ejection Canisters, and SureFire III self-contained launch controllers in stock for immediate delivery. Doug Pratt is glad that his transatlantic customers can get fast and efficient service now (and he doesn't have to fill out all those green customs forms).
We are delighted to announce the availability of Public Missile Ltd kits and tubing. We've got a whopper coming: a half scale Patriot, 7.5 inch diameter. Perfect for a RATT L/M ;-) If you want any of the fine PML kits, call, write, email, fax or just stop by our marquee at EARS, Black Knights or other fine launch venue! Electronic communication users are certain of a prompt response. Good availability, top quality and a fair price is assured by the team at PML. They do fast custom work too so call if you have special requirements. We will be stocking both phenolic and Quantum tubing in the near future.
Quest Aerospace News
Paul just had a chat with Bill Stine and he has some Very Nice goodies coming. The new X-15 kits are just about ready to go into a box addressed to Deepsky. We look forward to doing lots of business with them this year, especially for workshop/school rockets. Check out the new Quest ignitors... and Bill's book, the Handbook of Model Rocketry is a Deepsky bestseller.
Estes Model Rocket News
The X-Prize Space Ship One model is coming (but so is Christmas). The latest guesstimate is end of Jan/early Feb. The Oracle video rocket is expected in March along with the X-Prize Mariner. Other X-Prize kits are in stock and the early buyers should be flying them soon. Where are the reviews???
Kits? We got kits!
More Squirrel Works kits are on the way including their new Callisto. SW models are fun, fast to build and fly great. Check out the Gremlin... a lot of power in a little rocket!
The full Fliskits range is in stock (unless somebody buys em first). We are the sole UK authorised reseller of Fliskits. New models coming. Stay tuned!
Announcing Skyburner 5! This is our second rocket kit (Flipper was our first). It's a big cluster rocket that flies low and slow with plenty of drama, flame and smoke. It is the perfect ride for Afterburner 18 or 24... and then it doesn't stay low and slow! Because it is a cluster, there's no need for electronics to manage recovery. Skyburner 4 will be along soon, too.
Orbital Engineering VMX models are still anxiously anticipated. It shouldn't be long now. Beta test versions of the VMX-3 Valiant R/C will be allocated to test pilots soon.
Deepsky's Expeditionary forces will be at Black Knights in February at Milson and EARS in March. Other engagements are TBA. Gotta get up north soon... and out west... and down south!
If you love rockets then taking time to visit the British Rocketry Oral History Programme at Charterhouse School is a great way to mingle with the greats of British space science, past and present... and future. A must for true scale buffs.
Paul Lavin, Deepsky's own Captain Tetrahedron, will give a presentation "The History of Model Rocketry - An American Perspective". BROHP will run from Thursday 31 March to Saturday 2 April and conclude with a gala dinner dance. Last year a cosmonaut was the honoured guest.
Dozens of other talks and presentations will be given over the three day conference at the posh Charterhouse School in Godalming. The event is always well attended by the UK space industry nobs and the keen UK Students for the Exploration and Development of Space so reserve your place soon to avoid disappointment.
The Sir Arthur C Clarke Awards, space explorations equivalent of the Oscars, will be presented. Nominations for the awards are still open. More details at /
Deepsky will be supporting the BROHP conference with prizes for their raffle as well as an executive guest appearance... and the BROHP Mystery Rocket Bit may soon appear on our web site. Guess what it is and you win!
Going out with a bang
Deepsky has been approached to build and launch a funerary rocket to scatter ashes. It will be the first time we have launched wearing a dark suit and tie. Has this been done before?
Is this short enough? Whew! A lot of news to impart and so little time. Any Questions? If not then it's back to counting parachutes and Estes motors!
The Deepsky Team
PS We are just shy of our 1000th web order. 100 in goodies to the lucky lad or ladette. It could be YOU!
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