Even More Contrail Rockets Motors Certified!

Even More Contrail Rockets Motors Certified!
As Of November 24, 2005 Contrail Rockets has 17 more Certified Hybrid Motors now available for use at Tripoli and NAR Sanctioned Launches.
The new motors are certified in the 38 and 75mm sizes and Range from G to L Impulse. All of the new motors are currently available from Contrail Rockets Directly (www.contrailrockets.com) or any of our Dealers. The New Motors are highlighted by some of our favorites including the G-300, a .25 second burn G Motor, with thrust of over 160 pounds. The Release of the New RFF/XXF Line of Motors includes the J-800 Reload with Thrust of over 400 Pounds and a burn time of 1.2 seconds. This Motor is not for the faint of heart, and rockets must be built strong to handle such forces. Reinforcement is recommended!
Please Note that the J-800-HP Motor requires a higher flowing Injector Baffle and special RFF Nozzle which is available from Contrail Rockets and our Dealers. Price for the new nozzle and High Flow Injector Baffle are $60.00 USD.
There are plenty of new 38mm motors to fill out the line and give customers plenty of options for motors with varying speeds and thrust profiles. There are currently 28 motors certified in the 38mm line of hardware!
In the 75mm line of motors there are 4 more reloads certified including the Long Burn K-300-Black Smoke, K-404-Sparky and faster burning K-678-Black Gold. There is also an L-800-Black Gold Motor Certified with 4.6 second burn time, and beautiful glittering gold sparks during the end of the burn! Perfect for early morning or dusk flights!
The Addition of the 17 newly certified motors brings the total reloads certified by Contrail Rockets to 42. The complete list of new motors is listed below: 38mm Motors G-300-PVC H-222-HP H-246-HP H-303-PVC I-155-HP I-333-PVC I-400-HP J-150-HP J-222-HP J-246-HP J-255-HP J-345-PVC J-800-HP 75mm Motors K-300-Black Smoke K-404-Sparky K-678-Black Gold L-800-Black Gold
For any questions please contact us directly at snipped-for-privacy@contrailrockets.com . Also, Please note that Contrail Rockets will be unavailable to respond to E-mail until Monday November 28th, 2005 as we will be attending the Annual Tripoli Las Vegas Turkey Shoot Launch.
Copied Below you will find Paul Holmes Message to the Tripoli Forum regarding the New Motor Certifications:
I am pleased to announce another set of new motor certifications. Contrail Rockets (Thomas Sanders, President) has certified another 17 hybrid motors, all in their 38 and 75 MM lines. Due to the TRA List not accepting attachments of a chart, I will list them here as well as send to those able to receive it, an attached reference chart.
Motor Diam. Length Injector Fuel CC Total Max Time Test Metric
H222 38 16 M HP 140 161 619 .7 H225 1% G300 38 16 F PVC 90 100 689 .25 G288 24% H246 38 20 M HP 185 222 653 .9 H238 38% H303 38 20 F PVC 185 170 752 .6 H283 6% I155 38 28 S HP 370 541 366 3.5 I155 69% J250 38 28 M HP 370 430 736 1.7 I255 34% J150 38 36 S HP 550 654 490 4.1 J155 2% J246 38 36 M HP 550 673 490 2.8 J238 5% I333 38 36 F PVC 460 556 853 1.7 I329 73% I400 38 36 XF HP 460 432 1006 1 I398 35% J222 38 48 M HP 830 928 786 4.3 J216 45% J345 38 48 F PVC 735 891 1222 2.7 J318 35% J800 38 48 RFF HP 685 928 4840 1.2 J758 45% K300 75 40 S BS 2050 1909 690 6.5 K293 49% K404 75 40 S SP 2050 2441 1036 6.4 K379 90% KXXX 75 40 M BG 2050 1847 2342 2.8 K661 44% L800 75 54 M SP 3200 3759 1608 4.6 L813 46%
Notes on these motors:
The 38 16 F PVC's burn time is not a misprint, it is .25 seconds. Flyers need to be aware of limitations on use with some altimeters as some require a constant acceleration for twice that time. This is indeed a FAST motor. The specific Curve is a constant 160 pound burn for .1 second with a 45 degree straight tail off in vapor phase to .25 seconds. There is also an HP version of this motor with a slightly longer duration (.4 sec) that should be certified in January.
The 38 48 RFF(XXF) HP is also a fast motor with 400 pounds of thrust off the pad that tails almost straight to 0 at the 1.1/1.2 second point. There is no perceptible vapor phase in this motor.
The 75/2050/M/BG 40 inch long motor is certified awaiting a designation from Contrail, hence the KXXX listing.
And last but not least, the 75 MM Slow Sparky (75 2050 S SP) is another fine example of Contrail's 75 MM Sparky offerings. These rival AP motors for the amount of sparks, and have a lot less smoke than most APCP offerings. The prodigious amount of sparks is present throughout the 6 plus seconds of the burn. These motors are definitely not for dry, grassy areas.
We have another test session tentatively scheduled for late January, early February.
Paul Holmes Chairman, Tripoli Motor Testing
For More Information Please visit our website at www.contrailrockets.com
Tom Sanders Contrail Rockets LLC. www.contrailrockets.com
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