New Contrail Rockets Motors Certified

New Contrail Rockets Motors Certified

On Monday October 17th, 2005 Contrail Rockets had 17 new motors certified with Tripoli Rocketry Association. These new motors range from G to K Impulse and were certified in the current 75mm hardware as well as the new, and now released 38mm Hardware Line! The New motors which were certified are as follows, along with the case which they fit into: G-100-PVC 16 Inch Hardware G-130-PVC 16 Inch Hardware G-123-HP 16 Inch Hardware H-141-PVC 20 Inch Hardware H-211-PVC 20 Inch Hardware H-121-HP 20 Inch Hardware H-300-HP 20 Inch Hardware I-221-PVC 28 Inch Hardware H-277-HP 28 Inch Hardware I-500-HP 28 Inch Hardware I-210-PVC 36 Inch Hardware I-307-HP 36 Inch Hardware J-242-PVC 48 Inch Hardware J-333-HP 48 Inch Hardware J-555-HP 48 Inch Hardware K-456-BG 1400cc Hardware K-777-SP 2050cc Hardware

The first 15 motors listed are for the 38mm Cases, and the last 2 (K-Motors) are for the 75mm Line.

The New 38mm line of motors has 4 different speeds, and 3 different nozzles available for use in the motors. The Speed Combinations include Slow, Medium, Fast and Xtra-Fast. The Nozzle for Fast and Xtra-Fast are interchangeable.

There are 2 different types of fuel currently available for the 38mm line of motors including PVC type Grains, as well as a High Performance, High Regression Fuel. Pricing for Reloads is as follows... PVC Reloads are 45.00 for 3, HP Reloads are 60.00 for 3 and XFast Reloads are 70.00 for 3.

Also, All of Contrail Rockets 75mm Reloads have gone through a price drop. This includes the 2 new reloads (The K-456-BG and the K-777-SP). The New Pricing is listed Below: K-543-BS $75.00 K-456-BG $75.00 K-777-SP $85.00 K-888-BS $85.00 L-1222-SP $95.00 M-711-BS $95.00 M-1491-BS $95.00 M-2281-BS $130.00 L-1428-SP $130.00 L-2525-BG $130.00 The Contrail Rockets Website has been updated to include the new products, as well as many videos of all the newly certified motors. Please check out the site and if you have any further questions feel free to ask! Thanks Tom Sanders Contrail Rockets

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And all of these exciting new motors are available through Pratt Hobbies as well as direct from Contrail Rockets. We hope to fly some at the fall Battle Park launch in Culpeper, VA over the weekend of November 5-6. I'm also planning to go for my Level 3 with a Contrail motor.

We have a Contrail Adapter Kit available that allows you to use GSE designed for other motors with all Contrail motors. It works great with Hypertek GSE, as we demonstrated at NYPOWER last July! Anyone who owns our RTLS ground support system can get the Contrail adapter set free for the asking. The RTLS remains the only GSE that can launch any commercially available sport rocket motor, solid or hybrid.

Thanks for the opportunity for the plug, Tom!

Doug Pratt

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