MFG NEWS - New Pro38 and Pro54 reloads certified

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

New high thrust Pro38® and Pro54® reloads certified

Cesaroni Technology Incorporated (CTI) is pleased to announce successful Canadian Association of Rocketry (CAR) certification of four new Pro38® and two new Pro54® reloads.

Following up on the Pro38® H565 designed for the H-Lite bowling ball loft event and using our new VmaxT propellant, 4 new reloads have been developed and certified:

Type Total impulse Max. thrust Burn time Case size

G185-12A 128 Ns 212 N / 48 lb 0.69s 1G H400-13A 255 Ns 448 N / 101 lb 0.64s 2G I566-16A 370 Ns 641 N / 144 lb 0.65s 3G I800-16A 419 Ns 933 N / 210 lb 0.52s 4G

The H565 will remain available by special order only, and is replaced for general-purpose use by the I566, which offers 50 Ns more total impulse for the same price. These motors are perfect for heavy models, booster stages, or just for some high acceleration fun! Each comes equipped with an adjustable delay and ejection charge.

In the Pro54® line, two new K motors using our White ThunderT propellant are now available:

Type Total impulse Max. thrust Burn time Case size

K1200-16A 2014 Ns 1364 N / 307 lb 1.69s 5G K1440-17A 2372 Ns 1829 N / 411 lb 1.65s 6G

The K1440 is a great choice for the LDRS-25 dual bowling ball loft event, as well as a variety of other applications. Again, these reloads are equipped with adjustable delays and ejection charges.

Limited quantities of these new reloads will be available on site at LDRS-25. Stay tuned, there are more new products on the way!

As always, you can contact us at for information and updates.

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