ROL NEWS--Pro38 H565 H-lite competition reload certified by CAR

Pro38 H565 H-lite competition reload certified by CAR
April 4, 2006
Web posted at: 12:46 PM EDT
(ROL Newswire) -- Cesaroni Technology Incorporated (CTI) is pleased to
announce successful Canadian Association of Rocketry (CAR) certification
of a new Pro38® reload, designed specifically for this year¹s ³H-Lite²
bowling ball loft event to be held at LDRS25 ­ the 320Ns H565-14A.
Designed for the Pro38 3G casing, the H565 was carefully dialed in to
provide maximum total impulse without exceeding the 320Ns H class limit.
The average total impulse calculated from certification firings came out
spot-on at 319.8Ns. Like all Pro38® reloads, the H565 comes with a
user-adjustable delay and ejection charge; the 14 second delay can be
trimmed down to as low as five seconds using the ProDAT tool.
With a burn time of 0.57s, the H565 uses a propellant formulated
specifically for this motor. The new V-max propellant is a low smoke
formulation designed to do one thing ­ burn fast ­ and it does so
without the use of potentially troublesome burn rate catalysts like
ferrocene or Catocene. Not limited to special purpose motors like the
H575, Vmax propellant will be showing up very soon in a series of new
products. Certification testing is scheduled next week for a number of
new Pro38® and Pro54® reloads, using the new V-max propellant and other
Regular production of the H575 reload will begin immediately, and they
will be ready to start shipping to dealers later April. More information
may be found at
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Source: Cesaroni Technology Incorporated
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