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There seem to be many factual errors on flyrockets.com and considering how many people hit that site, corrections would certainly be wise.

Here is one of perhaps 20 or so errors I have seen:

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"Ha! ­ If I have a one pound rocket I can now see the ratio of thrust to the weight of my rocket. The choice is again, fast and brief or slow and long. In general, the safe minimum lift-off weight ratio is 10:1. IE. 10 lbs. Of thrust for every 1 lb. of rocket."

The rule of thumb I have been using and teaching for several decades now is 3:1 minimum and 5:1 target for thrust to weight ratio.

10:1 is "very fast".


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Jerry Irvine
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Erring on the side of safety, i guess. I also use 5:1 ratio.

Jerry, you must be getting bored to have to dig up this kind of stuff and post on RMR about errors... Sheesh.... Ever thought about bringing it to the attention of the webmaster??

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Greg Deputy

That is just like everything else Jerry thinks is wrong in the world. He'd rather sit and bitch about it than try to do something to improve or fix it.

Jerry - what have you done for rocketry lately? BTW- did anyone from ATF call you today?

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Phil Stein

Sent the message to the saverocketrynow moderated list.

And you?

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Jerry Irvine

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