errors when open solidworks

Hi all,

When I open SolidWorks I receive this message :

"SLDWORKS.exe has generated errors and will be closed by Windows. You will need to restart the program. An error log is being created."

If I go in Administrator mode I don't receive this message and SolidWorks works well.

What is the solution to correct this problem. There is a way to correct this problem without being obliged to reinstall SolidWorks.

Thanks in advance.

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Michel Bélanger
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Did this just recently start? New installation? What versions? Anyone else having problems? Anything else you could tell that would shed some light on it?

One thought is to wipe out the Current_User key of the SolidWorks part of the registry. This would force it to rebuild that user's portion, but you would also lose all of the settings already set up, if, in fact, you had set some.


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Wayne Tiffany

The problem just recently start. I use SolidWorks 2003 with service pack.

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Michel Bélanger

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I've seen a lot a programs that are unable to run under a standard user- level account--I forget whether SolidWorks is one of them. These programs need access to files and registry settings not accessible by standard users.

So as a result I've had to make all the users on our machines power users. Really ****ing annoying. Makes me wonder what the standard user account in Windows is good for. Maybe people who just use Office and IE.

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Joel Moore


Then this ought to really annoy you.

All of our users are set up as administrators (local machine only)


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Mark Mossberg

Hi Michel,

I remember having a similar problem. The problem was that "Regional and Language Options" (RLO)were set to french for one of the user that was having problems and SolidWorks was installed in english only. So when SW started it was looking for the french libraries files (*.DLL), since it didn't find them (because they were not installed initially) SW wouldn't start. The others users who had the "Regional and Language Options" to english did not had this problem. So maybe if you change your "Regional and Language Options" to english your problem will be solve. If you want to keep your "Regional and Language Options" in french, you will have to reinstall SW and choose the french language during installation (But I think you would prefer not reinstalling SW, so change your RLO to english). Let me know if works.


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"Mark Mossberg" wrote in news:dzx2b.873$

If the power user level doesn't cut it for us then we'll have to do the same. Very insecure. What a playground for viruses and trojans.

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Joel Moore

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