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I am interested in getting into hybrid powered rocketry. In the H, I,
and eventually higher power range. I am trying to determine who makes
the best kit. or maybe I am asking for the simplest. There does not
seem to be any standard for hybrids. Who makes the most
straightforward motor design. It seems all require a lot of ground
support gear, but some seem to be more complicated than others.
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jack secret
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Here is an introductory article that I hope will help:
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The hybrids available in the H and I range right now (Sky Ripper, RATT Works, Contrail) are really more simple than it seems, certainly no more complex than a typical RMS reloadable motor.
The basic distinction with GSE is whether or not GOX and high voltage are required for ignition. The motors I listed above don't require GOX/HV ignition.
The RTLS modular GSE system that I designed and sell allows you to add only the equipment you need, and is also capable of firing conventional solid fuel motors. The Baseblock module has an internal 12 volt battery and will fire Estes, Quest, Aerotech, etc. nicely; since it's a relay system, it's good for clusters. For the simpler hybrids, plug in the Valve Manifold module and attach it to a supply tank, and you're filling and firing hybrids. When you want to try GOX/HV (HyperTEK) motors, add the GOX Box module. The RTLS represents a good value to someone who is already into solid motors but considering hybrids. It's the only system on the market that will handle any available sport rocket motor, solid or hybrid, any brand.
Doug Pratt
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jack secret wrote:
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The manufacturers of Sky Ripper Systems, West Coast Hybrids and Contrail drop in almost daily in the unmoderated Hybrid Edifice. As well there is other hybrid talk to help out.
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Chuck Rudy
The cost and complexity may seem daunting at first, but get involved with a club and it's really a blast. We just started using hybrids earlier this year and now several club members have joined in. We lease our tank from Airgas and the total cost for a large cylinder with lease was only $165.00. We haven't even put a dent in the NOS yet with many G, H, I and J flights. I will certify level three next year with a hybrid. I like the fact that our club charges just $5.00 extra for launch fees if you fly hybrids. Cheap flights. Cleanup is much easier, too. I still fly APCP and black powder motors at each launch...but the hybrids are more satisfying to me.
Here's a link to my hybrid flight earlier this month. A scratch built three inch rocket on a SkyRipper J144. My Missile Works RRC2 altimeter reported 3897 feet. And I love the five second motor burn.
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Just my two cents worth.
John Stein
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John Stein
I understand reloads for the AT hybrids haven't been available for years. Maybe some else can confirm that. Anyway check before you buy one.
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Phil Stein
Phil, you are correct. I keep hearing rumors about somebody else making them or even Gary starting to make them again. I wish he would, they are nice as they don't require ground support.
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Bill Richardson
Actually, They do require ground support. That they don't is just a myth.
The ground support for the aerotech motors is different than what you need for the fill-at-the-pad motors, but it is required none-the-less....
Having said that;
I loved my Aerotech hybrid! I hope Gary gets them going again, because they are great fun to fly, and very fun to watch!
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