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Wildman Level 1-2 Punch Promotion April 18, 2006 Web posted at: 5:57 PM EDT

(ROL Newswire) -- Wildman Rocket Supply has teamed up with Animal Motor Works for a new hardware & reload promotion named the ³Level 1-2 Punch². For a limited time customers may purchase two 38mm reloads along with a complete set of 38-640 hardware for $120. These reloads include: Blue Baboon J-440, Green Gorilla I-375 or Skid Mark I-315 (new reloads are new from Animal Motor Works). Tim Lehr states, ³We are excited about the new 38mm motors from AMW. We are also told Animal will soon be releasing several new 98mm motors.² The new 98mm motors will include: Blue Baboon N-2700 (11,500ns), Green Gorilla N-2300 (10,500ns). Wildman is currently taking pre-orders for hardware and reloads. A discount is being offfered for one reload and one hardware set for $1,000 ($200 off retail). Also to be released is the Blue Baboon N-4000 (16,400ns) and a

98mm Skid Mark motor (motor designation yet to be announced). For details on these promotions, visit
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Source: Wildman's Rocket Supply

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