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RCS Information Release
CEDAR CITY, Utah USA -- RCS is releasing three new blends of Ammonium
Perchlorate (AP) oxidizer for the experimental rocket community: APB200,
APB400 and APB400200.
RCS AP Blends use a combination of coarse and fine AP in optimum
particle size ratios and weight distributions to help achieve a high
level of processability and castability with HTPB composite propellants.
Experimenters will be able to formulate castable propellant with up to
88 weight % solids using these AP Blends.
RCS part no. APB200 is a blend of 200 micron and ground AP intended for
medium to fast burning rate propellant compositions. APB400 is a blend
of 400 micron and ground AP designed for slower burning propellant
formulations. APB400200 is a blend of 400 micron, 200 micron and ground
AP for extremely high performance and high solids compositions.
In addition, RCS will be offering "standard" 200 and 400 micron AP w/TCP
anti-caking agent.
All standard AP and AP Blends will be shipped in 2-gallon UN1H2 poly
buckets containing 20 pounds net weight each. Please visit the RCS
website at
formatting link
to download the current RCS
order form which details prices, shipping costs and other information.
RCS Rocket Motor Components, Inc., Cedar City, UT
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