[Planet News] Rocketry Planet integ rates Snap Anywhere™ preview technology

Darrell Mobley of Rocketry Planet announced today that the hobby rocketry portal has just completed integration of Perfect Market's Snap Preview Anywhere browser previewing technology. Snap Preview Anywhere is a cutting-edge site preview capability to deliver a more informative and ?sticky? user experience, building on Snap.com?s innovative, visual approach to presenting web search results.

Snap Preview Anywhere allows anyone visiting an enabled site to get an immediate glimpse of hyperlinked pages, without having to navigate away from the current page. Applied to the Weblinks section and other external links, viewers can see their destination in seconds.

By rolling over any link on a site that contains the Snap Preview Anywhere code, users instantly see a floating window with a visual preview of the corresponding webpage. This allows users to quickly decide if a site is worth visiting before actually clicking on the link ? the user gets a visual preview of the site without having to go there, thus eliminating wasted "trips" to linked sites.

?We?ve received an overwhelmingly positive response from Snap.com users who believe that Snap?s visual previews enhance their search experience,? said Tom McGovern, CEO of Perfect Market Technologies. ?With Snap Preview Anywhere, we?re excited to give content publishers of all kinds an easy and free way to employ the same technology that powers Snap.com for use on their own sites, making them more engaging and increasing their stickiness.?

Rocketry Planet has employed this technology for the Weblinks sections, forums and any external article content links that may direct a user to leave the site.

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Personally, I find the snap.com windows *really* annoying.

Kevin OClassen

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