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New Vertical Assault Kit from Giant Leap April 22, 2005 Web posted at: 3:27 PM EDT

(ROL Newswire) -- Giant Leap Rocketry, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of it's latest Almost-Ready-to-Fly kit, the 3" diameter VERTICAL ASSAULT. Like their Firestorm 54 kit, the VERTICAL ASSAULT is based around the pre-molded fin canister. However, in this case the fincan fits on the inside of the airframe, so there's no "hump" on the outside of the airframe. According to Ed at Giant Leap, "the VERTICAL ASSAULT is the most advanced kit in the series. It is low-drag for truly high performance. It is hands-down, my favorite of the fleet." VERTICAL ASSAULT is 3" in diameter, almost 90" long, and has a 54mm motormount (adaptable to 38mm). It features a tailcone motor retainer, a pre-molded fincan, pre-slotted tubing, the new 5-to-1 ogive nosecone, a drogue and TAC-1 main Chute, KEVLAR Chute protectors, KEVLAR Presewn shockcords, Avionics Bay, FireBall, Acme rail guides, hardware, illustrated instruction booklet, and a vinyl Decal in Stylized font.

Dual Deployment is standard, but this kit can be flown in a single deployment configuration. Giant Leap markets this kit as a quick-build, high performance rocket. Estimated altitude is about 1400 feet on an I161, or 10,000 feet on a K700. Ed points out that "since the fincan is pre-molded and perfectly aligned, the VERTICAL ASSAULT flies straight as an arrow."

It is available in phenolic, filament-wound fiberglass and (coming soon) laminated phenolic.

To learn more about the VERTICAL ASSAULT, visit:

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Source: Giant Leap Rocketry, Inc.

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sounds like something from Estes half a dozen years or so ago...

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