ROL NEWS--Giant Leap Rocketry Releases the TALON 3 Kit

Giant Leap Rocketry Releases the TALON 3 Kit January 14, 2005 Web posted at: 12:54 PM EST

(ROL Newswire) -- Giant Leap Rocketry has released their new TALON 3 kit. This is a smaller version of the recently released Talon 4. It is

3" in diameter and has a 38mm motormount.  The 6 fins are .083 high-temp G-10. The Talon 3 features a plastic nosecone and boattail that is pre-slotted for fins, and machined to accept the included Slimline Motor Retainer. According to Ed at Giant Leap, "the Talon 3 is intended high-end kit but at a moderate price." There's an avionics bay, pre-sewn shockcords, Kevlar chute protectors & sleeves, Acme rail guides, Easyglas sock for phenolic airframe, decal, detailed instructions and a Slimline Retainer. All the hardware included (Quiklinks, Eyebolts, Allthreads, etc.). The kit even comes with a specially produced video to help in the building process. It is dual deployment, but can be built for single if one prefers.

Price: $159.00

Specifications: Diameter: 3.0" Length: 73 inches (6.1 feet) Weight: 4.5 lbs  (6.0 lbs in fiberglass version) MMT: 38mm (adaptable to 29mm)

Fiberglass Upgrade available. See website.

For more information about the Talon 3, please visit:

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Source: Giant Leap Rocketry, Inc.

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