ROL NEWS--Giant Leap's QUIK-LOC 54mm Slimline Motor Retainer

Giant Leap's QUIK-LOC 54mm Slimline Motor Retainer April 21, 2006 Web posted at: 11:02 AM EDT

(ROL Newswire) -- Giant Leap Rocketry, Inc. has released its threaded QUIK-LOC Slimline retainer in 54mm which requires no tools. The closure ring has several features. First, it is knurled for easy removal and installation by hand. Second, the closure is very slim and does not overhang the base of the retainer, which reduces drag. Third, the QUIK-LOC ring is compatible with all existing 54mm threaded retainers. Fourth, it has finely machined threads for extra strength. And fifth, QUIK-LOC 54mm is made from the same aircraft-grade aluminum used in other Slimline products.The QUIK-LOC 54mm retainer may be purchased as a system (base and closure ring) for $33.95, or just the closure ring separately ($16.00) for use with existing threaded bases. For more information about the QUIK-LO 54mm Slimline retainer, log on to:

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Source: Giant Leap Rocketry, Inc.

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