New EMRR Photo Contest - "The Launcher"

EMRR's 9th Photo Contest - "The Launcher"
Essence's Model Rocketry Reviews is pleased to announce our 9th photo
Yes, we love our rockets. Yes, they perform outstanding feats of
aerodynamics. Yes, great lift-offs, deployments, glides, staging, and
even the rare lawndart! It is time to get beyond the rocket obsession
and take a look at the person behind the scene.... the Launcher!
It's true, as stated in a rocket-lover's movie; "it won't fly unless
someone launches it!". Some the those individuals are more
interesting, in many aspects, than the rockets themselves. For
example, I'm sure you know a few Launchers that could have qualified
in our last photo contest: Odd-Rocs!
We are not completely dumping our love for rockets because to qualify
for this photo contest you must capture the rocket and the launcher!
See full rules and enter now! CLICK HERE
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