Last Call: 2005 EMRR Calendar

Last call: 1 week left and all orders will need to be finalized. If you are not a user of paypal, there is an e-mail address on the Calendar page for you to make arrangements for MO's.

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2005 EMRR Calendar:

Essence Model Rocketry Reviews (EMRR) has announced the “count down” toward the production of their 2005 EMRR NAR / TRA Legal Fund Rocketry Calendar. This is the fifth year of production, so all can expect the same level of quality.

The calendar is 11” x 16” when hanging, with the upper section “flying” a full color model or high power rocketry selection. The lower section contains the calendar and has recorded historical event dates in rocketry, such as 10/4/1957, Sputnik becomes first artificial Earth satellite. But don’t worry, there is plenty of room to track your own rocketry events. There will also be a page that has at least $21 in coupons for various rocket suppliers. Why at least $21? That covers the price of the calendar. Win-Win.

Why does EMRR do this? It all started back in 2000 (with the 2001 version) to support the NAR / TRA Legal Fund. Since then EMRR has donated all the proceeds to the fund: $1,497. Last year, the EMRR Calendar supported the “SAVE ROCKETRY NOW” campaign to help ensure there was commercial placement during the Discovery Channel’s Rocket Challenge and the development of the

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This year, EMRR is back to the NAR / TRA Legal Fund and the Team America Challenge. EMRR believes that they will be able to provide at least $300 to the NAR / TRA Legal Fund. In addition, EMRR will attempt to offer one $100 prize and two $50 prizes to randomly drawn TARC teams. The TARC Teams will have to be registered with EMRR to be in the drawing. EMRR will not retain any profits.

All very exciting! Check out the webpage at

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