X-Prize Cup: TRA gets it, NAR doesn't

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"The Tripoli Rocketry Association plans to send up three rockets to
altitudes of 20,000 to 30,000 feet"
Seems the TRA knows how to market itself, while the NAR can't quite seem to
figure it out.
Ever since the X-Prize Cup was announced over a year ago, I have enquired if
the NAR has any plans to do anything regarding the X-Prize Cup. Total
complete silence......
Perhaps the NAR is doing something behind the scenes, and will annouce
something at NARAm, but I doubt it.
This X-Prize Cup, which will be a yearly event in early October, has the
potential to become the Woodstock of Rocketry.
Imagine, if you can, a week long event, with hundreds of thousands of people
along with live TV. You know the Discovery Channel and perhaps even the
National Geographic will be covering this event.
Some of my suggestions would be for Estes and the NAR to sponsor a
competition using the Estes X-prize models. The X-Prize Cup people are
looking for a sponsor for their Eggs Prize event( egg lofting) right now
they are using water rockets. Why not use model rockets instead? I mean,
model rocketry did invent Egg Lofting.
perhaps the TRA/NAR could jointly put on demo launches all week showing the
spectrum of rocketry from micro-maxx to TRA EX P motors. Hand out TRA/NAR
There are at least 3-4 NAR sections and TRA prefectures in the state of New
Mexico, so if they all worked together I am sure they could come up with the
manpower. This X-Prize Cup has the potential to be even bigger in scope than
the successful TARC.
shockie B)
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last count I can recall of TRA marketing;
Rocket challange, Master blasters, Pop Mech, Pop Sci, X-prise cup, naked gun movies (yes check the credits) and many others.
I can't recall a NAR marketed event in the media, but I am mistaken alot ;-)
Nothing against the NAR not marketing, they take a different approch in education like TARC.
Perhaps you should join TRA to do your marketing and leave NAR to their devices.
I belong to both, but I don't expect the NAR to jump in on things TRA has already been doing, just as I don't expect the TRA to jump into doing things like TARC.
Each has their place.
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I have considered joining the TRA, but we all know that would be a sure sign that the world is really coming to an end very soon.
And then of course Phil Stein would continue his cyber-harassment of me by calling me a TRA weenie.
I agree with everything you said, but still this X-Prize Cup seems tailor made for both the NAR/TRA to advertsise and market themselves to potentially hundreds of thousands if not millions of people. ON CONTINOUS YEARLY BASIS.
shockie B)
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Respectfully...... I think NAR has it figured out pretty well. ..... I like TRA also.... current leadership has done well for the hobby. Right now we are talking NAR so please read on......
TEAM AMERICA 2005 made newspapers ALL over the country, and was on NBC's Today show... the launch was covered by LIVE on site, with satellite uplinks of all the flights to all who would rebroadcast.. The ROCKET GIRLS didn't win BUT they did make it on TV.... NPR also did a very nice story..... I believe the NBC today shows viewers are in the 6 figure arena....... maybe more........
79 of the 100 teams had successful flights... The top 3 teams had qualifying flights within 1 sec of the 60 sec target. I was there... the teams were motivated, excited, and energetic, they worked together... Some skipped their senior PROM to go to TARC... [ they had shirts on with a pic of Bill Gates [ who did not go to PROM either ]
NAR is "paying forward" by attracting many high schools and youth groups from all over the country into participating in TARC. I think 500+ or so children showed up for the finals, and I think the number of students entered overall was in the thousands. Schools from 29 states made the finals....
The TARC put up $60,000 in prizes and attracted 34 Aerospace industry groups to sponsor the event. Attendees were form many of these AIG companies, NASA was represented and made a very nice speech to all of the fliers, In essence she said there IS A JOB at NASA for YOU, I expect this left a lasting impression on many space minded youngsters.
YES NAR has it figured out pretty well.
I belong to both NAR and TRA.. Both organizations are doing well in promoting and protecting the hobby, Each has chosen a different path on some issues... AND they have cooperated on others... I'll continue to support both......
Check out
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Regards..... Bobby B NAR 79350 L2 TRA 9910 L2
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Nice post. I'm seeing the same thing locally. Both NAR & TRA are doing what they can to advance the hobby. Might not be perfect, but they are doing their parts pretty well and working together.
The past is just that. Today is what counts.
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In what way(s) specifically?
In what way(s) specifically?
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Jerry Irvine
Stop trolling. Everyone knows what your going to say once you get a fish into your net. You might as well not bother.
Bobby - If you see Jerry's brother Iz at the launch this weekend tell us what he's flying. I also would like to know if it has a mosaic type paint scheme.
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Phil Stein
phil: looking back on past posts I notice that you are a serial cyber-harrasser.....You used to give Tai Fu a real hard time too, and now you are fixated on me.
this article pretty well describes your behavior:
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and the reasons for your hateful behavior. You were probably a bully in grade school too,weren't you?
In the real world I would have you arrested and thrown in jail. ..or pop a cap in your fat ass.
maybe we need to fire G motors at each other from 25 ft?
shockie B)
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Tai Fu was not a constant whiner like you. I kidded him ocasionally.
I stopped subscribing to the NAR list because I was sick of listenng to you whine. I rearely said anything about it. Yes there are a few people I don't agree with and I generally tell them so. That doesn't make me ant of the things you mention. Are you upset because it didn't bother me when you called me a weenie so now you're trying different names? Or that people laughed at you for mispelling words with a ph instead of an f? If you're whiney ass can't take it, you can filter me out - WEENIE!
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Phil Stein
My first reaction was not to reply in any way.. BUT after careful consideration I decided to reply in the interest of making an example of you and your shameful conduct on RMR.
My Reply to your questions.
Simply put, If you have to ask these questions you have NO clue on whats happening in the rocketry community, No I'm not suprised your clueless, your live in Jerry's World which is in a Galaxy Far Far Away and a Long Time Ago....?
In closing you actually do provide one valuable service to the rocketry community at large and this forum... You are without a doubt the PERFECT example of HOW NOT TO ACT in a news group or conduct oneself in a hobby that one claims to love.
Really didn't mean to slam you this hard but after years of seeing you trash this forum, I visit very rarely and post even less... I'm mad that the trash is pilled so high here all the time. The forum in unuseable for real rocketry related items. Every post turns into a challenge as this one did... I and many others are tired of it... Please consider taking a year or 2 off from RMR and get a life. A life that "pays forward" and leaves the past in the past......
Apologies to all others for this post, I just did one of the things I hate the most about this forum..but it needed to be done.....
Best regards, Bobby B
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Kicking you out was a pretty good start. Making sure that certified motors are manufactured and shipped legally, so that consumers don't have to worry about being charged with possession of a "destructive device", was another good move.
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