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I flew the customized stormcaster yesterday on a was pretty cool...not nearly as high as the alpha III on a C6, but cool nonetheless. I have ordered some F21W's from my local sims show it taking this unit to about 1700 ft on this motor....should be fun. that the Stormcaster (I have GOT to give this thing it's own name...) is completed and flying...on to the next project.

I picked up this kit today,

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and I think it will be the last "kit" that I do for a while.... I am not quite sure if I can pull off the camo paint on that thing, but I can't wait to see it in flight. I may just try to paint it the same as the CF-18 shown in this airshow pic
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It looks very cool.

Anywho, once I get my video camera back from my brother, I will try to post a short take off video of the 'yet to be named stormcaster clone' on the alt.binaries.models.rockets NG. Or maybe I will put up a freebie website...depends on how energetic I get.

Cheers for now,

Randy Melbourne, Ontario.

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Well Randy, Unless you were thinking ahead and built the Stormcaster with an Estes (or similar) "E" engine mount, you're going to need a hammer to fit that motor. You see Aerotech designed that motor for use on rockets with E motor mounts; so while it's diameter is 24mm, it's legnth is 3" long - a half inch longer than the traditional 24mm/D engine mounts.


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Actually, I kinda miscombobulated the motor mount ring in the stormcaster, and the normal D motor hangs out past the motor retainer clip by about 1/2 a cm, and I have done 6 successful launches so far with D12-3's and D12-6's, so I very much doubt that an extra 1/2" is going to make a whole heck of a lot of difference...I may have to put a retainer of some sort on the launch rod to keep the motor from getting too close to the blast shield, but I am pretty sure it is going to be fine. And if it isn't and it blows the motor out of the mount on the apogee ejection, then I will probably have to dig out pieces of my baby from a few inches into the dirt and carry it home in a baggy. I look at it like this...if I don't have at least one failure in this hobby, I am not trying hard enough...(as long as no one gets hurt of course, other than my wallet that is...)

I will let you know how it works out...


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The Desert Fox and all the other rockets like this from Sunward are way cool builds but do take *lots* of patience. It flies great on the C6-5 motors, but put a much longer shock cord in when you build and put it up on a D21-7 for an even better flight. :-)

If you are interested in attending a local club launch, check out

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. There's also the Cambridge Rocktry Club (sorry, I don't have their site link).

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I saw a Desert Fox in-person at NYPower. Really cool - one of the few rockets I asked to hold (can I touch it can I touch it please please please). I don't remember the launch (probably was chasing a booster or something) but the paint job was excellent. The owner's father did white "splotches" over a dark base. The white splotches were created by spraying white through a card with a couple holes punched in it. I think I saw this in Revell hint back when they had the modelers club.

The paint job you are looking at is much more ambitious....

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