EMRR 2004 Rocket Calendar Released

EMRR 2004 Rocket Calendar Released October 23, 2003 Web posted at: 12:43 PM EDT

(ROL Newswire ) -- EMRR has assembled their 4th rocketry related calendar for the 2004 flying season. Fellow rocketeers have helped to pick out the pictures that are going to be printed. EMRR is now taking orders. You can also visit EMRR's 2001, 2002, and 2003 Calendar to enjoy the photos that were in previous years. All profits from this calendar go to the "SAVE ROCKETRY NOW" fund.

We are working to finalize the cost of the calendar to determine the amount that will be donated to the "SAVE ROCKETRY NOW" Fund for each calendar. Regardless of the final amount, EMRR has already committed $300 to the campaign to meet their deadline. Anything in excess of $300 will go to the campaign as needed, or will be diverted to the NAR/TRA Legal Fund. EMRR will not retain any profits.

Calendars are $21 each (including shipping, including to Canada). Discounts are available if purchasing multiple calendars. We have many fine sponsors for this year's calendar so you can look forward to coupons totally more than $21 in savings. So, as it has been in the past, it is a win-win arrangement!

Details regarding this promotion may be found under our ATTRACTIONS and CALENDAR tab at

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Run an ad in Pop Sci, and on the flyrocketsnow.com.

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Jerry Irvine

No. It's what occurs when your trying to "rocket mail" a couple of lines of cocaine to a customer down the street, and at ejection, the nose cone pops off your Super Nova Payloader.

It's really bad when the baggie drops onto the hood of the cruiser parked at the intersection, and the rocket darts into the lawn across the street from where he's sitting...

It's really, really, really bad when all of the above happen, *and* you wrote your name, address, and NAR number on one of the fins of the rocket...

Tod "Dave's not here, man.." Hilty

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well, there goes the next free paycheck i got

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tater schuld

Rocket snow is what you get when you fly an unmodified Big Bertha on a J570. :)

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