ROL NEWS--Skunk Works Rocketry Releases Scale Saturn V Rocket Kit

Skunk Works Rocketry Releases Scale Saturn V Rocket Kit
October 28, 2003
Web posted at: 5:14 PM EST
SAN DIEGO, CA ( ROL Newswire ) -- Skunk Works Rocketry proudly announces
the release of their newest kit, a 1/38 scale Saturn V. The rocket
stands 9 feet 7 inches tall and is 10 inches in diameter. It is a single
stage rocket with a central 98mm and 4 outboard 54mm motor mounts. The
central 98mm comes with a 98-54 adapter in the kit. There are 10 molded
fiberglass components in the kit, including a 41" long nose cone.
The kit comes dual deployment ready, with a coupler based altimeter bay.
Everything is included except parachutes. The kit has over 700 pieces so
you can detail it fully. Skunk Works Rocketry has tested the rocket on
an Aerotech K695 redline where it flew to appx. 700'. The second test
was with a Cesaroni K445 in the central motor mount and 4 Cesaroni J210s
in the outboards. The rocket performed perfectly and flew to 3,838'.
This will be a limited production run, with 25 kits total being made.
The retail price for the kit is $799.95. Shipping ranges from $25 to $50
anywhere in the continental US.
Source: ROL Newswire Service
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As anyone who attended Plaster Blaster can attest, this is one awesome kit!!
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The nozzle detail is outstanding. Of course the attention to detail on paint made Andy's baby shine. I still can't believe all those split dowels!
Joel. phx
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Joel Corwith

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