ROL NEWS--Excelsior Rocketry Releases Goonydent Kit

Excelsior Rocketry Releases Goonydent Kit
January 10, 2005
Web posted at: 1:09 PM EST
(ROL Newswire) -- Excelsior Rocketry is proud to annouce the release
of thier latest Goony Retro-Bash series kitbash decal/planset, the
Goonydent. Owner Fred Talasco states, "The Goonydent is listed the most
advanced of the nine Goony decal/plansets available. We rate it at skill
level 4 due to the vented ejection system." The Goonydent requires no
recovery wadding as the ejection charge gasses from the D12-5 motor are
vented from the 'Atomic Engine Pod', through the 'Atomic Cooling Tubes',
into the 'Forward Crew Compartment' in order to eject the 'laundry' for
a peaceful descent back to earth.
The Goonydent decal/planset comes complete with colorful decals,
instructions, fin patterns, and tube marking wraps. The builder supplies
two Baby Bertha kits, an extra Bertha style nosecone, 3 15.75" long BT-5
tubes, 6 BT-5 'Mosquito' style nosecones, a 24mm motor mount, 3/32" fin
stock, and a two foot length of 1/8" elastic shock chord.
The GOONYDENT and all 8 other Retro-Bash decal plansets are available
through thier website:
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