ROL NEWS--New Missile Works Website

New Missile Works Website
November 17, 2003
Web posted at: 3:17 PM EST
Westminster CO ( ROL Newswire ) -- Missile Works Corporation has just
launched a new web site. The new site is located at
formatting link

. The "News" section of the site has the details regarding new product
Along with the new site roll-out, they have several new product
offerings. Missile Works Corporation would also like to announce they
are now a fully compliant, DOT registered HazMat shipper, and can
deliver AMW or CTI rocket motor reloads via FedEx ground or express
They have also established a dedicated facility and address for all
electronics servicing and warranty repairs:
Missile Works Corporation, 10343 Federal Blvd. Unit J #184, Westminster
CO 80260
Source: ROL Newswire Service
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Not the best site design in the world.
You need to drill down four or five layers to get to product pricing.
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Steve Decker

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