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Merlin Missile Solutions Grand Opening September 10, 2003 Web posted at: 4:57 PM EDT

(ROL Newswire ) -- Merlin Missile Solutions is proud to announce the grand opening of their business to the rocket hobby community. The new company based in Maineville, Ohio will focus on filling a much needed area of rocketry--development of new rocket technologies. In addition to its own progressive products, Merlin Missile Solutions will be an 'incubator' of rocketry technology by allowing rocketeers with inventions and good ideas the opportunity to market them. Lance Knoechel, president of the company, states, "We provide the business expertise, financial resources, marketing and web presence to enable a successful launch of a new product."

Merlin Missile Solutions is currently seeking rocketeers with rocket related inventions who wish to bring them to market. Further information may be be found at

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Having done that for almost 20 years now with products from shock cord mounts to deployment systems to ejection baffles, good lick. I suggest you focus on high margin products initially or force high margins into them. It is a rough business, especially in the market conditions TRA and NAR have created (rapid depression).

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Jerry Irvine

ROL News wrote: ...

maybe not:

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Right. But either ROL or Lance misspelled miss_i_le

This works:

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Wasn't Merlin a magician? Maybe they just disappeared. Moments after the news release was sent out :)


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"Blow me to Bermuda" - Merlin

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