Merlin Missile Solutions Announces Availability of HyperTEK Products

Merlin Missile Solutions, a provider of "Unique Solutions for High
Performance Rocketry", announces the availability of HyperTEK hybrid
motor products.
According to Lance Knoechel, president of Merlin Missile Solutions,
"Hybrid motors have been gaining in popularity due to their
unregulated status by the ATF, not having to pay hazmat shipping fees
and lower fuel grain costs. We are happy to offer products from
HyperTEK, a proven leader in the hybrid field, to this growing segment
of the rocketry community."
Merlin offers the complete line of HyperTEK products and all HyperTEK
fuel grains are ready for immediate shipment.
Additional information can be found on the Merlin Missile Solutions
web site at
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Lance Knoechel
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I notice you show the "Baby M" 75/2800 motor under Motor Systems. This is the first time I've seen it sold as a M motor, not an add-on to the L Motor system. Nice.
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Alex Mericas
Just like solids!!
Well, so long as you are a member of neither NAR or TRA self-inflicted wound (self-regulation) societies.
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Jerry Irvine

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