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How about people posting links to their websites, club or otherwise?
> Anyone have web pages devoted to technical issues in rocketry?
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I fly mostly MR and love multistaging. I have my L1, and my L2 has
been sitting in the butler's pantry at the house for over a year waiting
for a launch that's not rained out. We've about changed the name of
our club to the Dallas Area Rain Service because of all the rainouts
in the last 18 months. Our rainouts have become a running gag
in Texas. "The National Weather Service checks the DARS website
to figure out when it's gonna rain next."
I want to start flying electronics in some rockets, but I've got no
great burning desire. I do electronics for a living, so I get plenty of
it now.
I have plans for building a timer to use in an airstart application.
I'll probably use an Atmel AVR or maybe a Motorola HC05 or HC08
(I have a good stash of defunct 05's). I might also try an ST7. I've
been told these 680x look-alikes now have ISP, so code development
should be fairly easy. The timer will sequentially fire three pairs
of outboards beginning 1 sec after liftoff.
I've thought about getting some of Robert DeHate's boards and
using them in a rocketry application. Seems like a good way to
get customized functionality without the hassle of wiring the
circuits. Just write the code. May be a good way to roll my timer.
The timer's not hugely challenging, but there are some tricky tech
issues. Power-up requires some engineering to ensure the
outboards don't try to fire before the processor stabilizes. And
driving a FET with a micro is not trivial - the highest output
voltage from the micro is about the lowest tolerable input level
for a FET, so there's not much margin there.
Once I master that, I'd like to try multi-staging with AP using
electronics to fire the upper. I figure I'll take it in two steps,
first flying AP to BP, then take on the added challenge of
lighting an AP sustainer (knowing that BP's a lot easier to
light than AP).
Somewhere in the mix, I want to do a dual stage recovery.
I think I can do it in an E-F-G class 2" rocket. Once I'm
comfortable with that, then I can try it in a higher power
I've got lots of rocket stuff to talk about, and like Douglas,
I'd like to see more real rocketry content here.
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