ROL NEWS--CTI announces European CE Approval of Pro-X Reload Kits

CTI announces European CE Approval of Pro-X Reload Kits July 7, 2005 Web posted at: 2:02 PM EDT

(ROL Newswire) -- Cesaroni Technology Inc. is pleased to announce that it has met all of the requirements of European Directive 93/15/EEC for CE marking of its Pro-X line of high power hobby rocket motor reload kits. This has been the culmination of numerous physical tests and evaluations against a vast array of national and United Nations standards. The Pro-X family of reload kits has met or exceeded all of these standards for safety and reliability in use and transport over a period of several years. These objective evaluations have been carried out in independent test labs and government regulatory agencies in Canada, the United States, the UK and the Netherlands.

With this CE marking, the Cesaroni Technology Inc. Pro-X line will be the only family of solid fuel HPR reloads that may be legally sold within the European Community at the present time. This will be the case for the foreseeable future, as there are no presently established European HPR manufacturers. Also, changes to the US ITAR laws in 2003 made a State Department export permit necessary for exports of propellant containing ammonium perchlorate. This requirement for an export permit, coupled with the legal requirement for CE marking on any solid fuel HPR reload sold in Europe makes European sales very challenging for American manufacturers at the present time.

Cesaroni Technology Inc.¹s HyperTEK line of hybrid motor systems continues to be available to European customers alongside the Pro-X family.

Cesaroni Technology Inc. would like to thank our European dealers and also Mr. Peter Mueller of Tripoli Netherlands for their assistance in liaison with local authorities as we pursued this approval.

This approval is another achievement in Cesaroni Technology Inc.¹s push for safe, legal and easy to use HPR products for the hobby and research rocket community.

For information and specifications on the full line of Pro-X reload kits, consult the website at

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Information on HyperTEK hybrids please consult
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A list of dealers is available at both sites.

Source: Cesaroni Technology Incorporated

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Excellent news. Well done to Frank and the boys at Rebel.

Any other motor vendors want to sell in the EU?

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