ROL NEWS--RangePro 1000 Data Acquisition Software Posted

RangePro 1000 Data Acquisition Software Posted
February 4, 2004
Web posted at: 12:09 PM EST
(ROL Newswire) -- RCS has posted data acquisition (DAQ) software written
for the RCS RangePro 1000 Impulse Meter. This version is intended for PC
computers using Microsoft Windows 95 thru XP.
The program is used to acquire, save, and retrieve time-thrust data sent
directly from the RangePro via a serial (Com 1) port. The data is
plotted in the program window and may be examined point-by-point. It may
also be be converted to a file that can be opened in Microsoft Excel or
other spreadsheet application for further analysis.
RCS is also working on a version of the software for Apple Mac OS 8 thru
10. It will be posted to the RCS website when complete.
The RCS RangePro 1000 DAQ software for Windows and a file containing
simulated thrust curves which can be plotted and printed are available
for download from the "RCS News" page in zipped format. Anyone
interested in rocket motor development and optimizing flight performance
is urged to examine this test system's capability. The RCS website may
be found at
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