ROL NEWS--RCS Offers Rouse-Tech CD3 Devices

RCS Offers Rouse-Tech CD3 Devices June 25, 2004 Web posted at: 12:41 PM EDT

(ROL Newswire) -- RCS Rocket Motor Components (RCS), Inc. is pleased to announce it is now an authorized dealer for the Rouse-Tech line of CD3 Rocket Recovery Deployment Devices. The Rouse-Tech system uses a small sealed black powder charge and piston to puncture a CO2 cylinder, thereby releasing a large volume of cool gas to deploy a parachute or other recovery device. The system is especially effective when used in rockets reaching altitudes in excess of 20,000 feet. At those altitudes and beyond, black powder and other pyrotechnic charges have demonstrated a tendency to burn erratically or "snuff out" due to the low ambient pressure. The Rouse-Tech device is designed to function reliably in a vacuum. Several different sizes are available for use in a wide variety of rocket vehicles. The Rouse-Tech system was recently used in John Rockdale's record setting 2-stage 'M'-class flight to 44,958 feet at the Black Rock Desert near Gerlach, Nevada.

The CD3 instruction manual may be downloaded in PDF format from the RCS website at

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Source: RCS Rocket Motor Components (RCS), Inc.

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