Composite propellant formulations?

I was interested in developing my own motors, but don't want to just
"wing it" and end up minus 4 fingers. Are there any good books,
documents, websites, mil-specs, or literature that covers various
different propellant formulations and correct methods to process them?
Or does anyone have any books on the matter that collecting dust on
the shelf that they'd like to sell?
Thanks in advance for any info!
Dave Harper
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David Harper
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Try Terry McCreary's book here:
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Terry treats extensively on composite motor construction.
Also, the new Teleflite book is a work of art! It is called Amateur Rocket Motor Construction and is available on Amazon. The Teleflite book is basically about rammed BP motors, although he includes some candy motors.
The definitive sugar rocket site is
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I myself have had good results with the Sorbitol motors.
Whatever you do, be safe.
Good Luck,
Steve Decker
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William Bonney
Check out
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guys are doing some very interesting things with large sugar nitrate rockets. As in FIVE INCH 3-segment grains! I'm impressed! Richard Nakka is the technical guru for sugar nitrate rockets ... but these guys do them BIG. If you're bound and determined to make your own motors, it seems like sugar-nitrate presents slightly fewer difficulties and a lot fewer legal hassles than APCP.
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Fred B

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