ROL NEWS--Rouse-Tech Authorized as New AeroTech Hardware Manufacturer

Rouse-Tech Authorized as New AeroTech Hardware Manufacturer
April 15, 2005
Web posted at: 1:00 PM EDT
SAN JOSE, CA (ROL Newswire) -- Rouse-Tech is pleased to announce they
have been authorized by AeroTech to become a new hardware manufacturer
of AeroTech licensed rocket reload hardware including forward closures,
casings, and aft closures. Gary Rosenfield, President of RCS Rocket
Motor Components (RCS), Inc. stated "I'm really excited that Tom is
licensed with RCS as an RMS hardware manufacturer. Tom has accumulated
a great deal of business experience over many years with his contracting
company and more recently with his Rouse-Tech line of CO2 deployment
devices, which I believe is directly applicable toward running a
successful rocket motor hardware business. I look forward to working
with Tom to help improve the availability, quality and diversity of RMS
hardware." For the 2005 flying season, Rouse-Tech will be manufacturing
the complete line of AeroTech hardware which will also include the
smaller sizes of 18mm, 24mm and 29mm hardware sets. Rouse-Tech hardware
will be available in two types: Standard Gold anodised hardware (which
will feature a unique "hard anodised" aft closure) as well as Deluxe
Hard Anodised hardware (forward closure, case and aft closure
manufactured with military spec hard anodising). The special order
Deluxe Hard Anodised hardware will be much tougher than normal
hardware?having higher heat tolerances and being extremely difficult to
Dealers may contact Rouse-Tech immediately to place orders. The product
will be available for shipment in at the end of April in smaller sizes
and early May for larger sizes. A large stock of all hardware will be
kept to insure that all dealers and flyers will be able to receive
hardware in less than a week after orders are received. Rocketeers
wanting new hardware with the improved rear closure coatings, contact
your dealer as soon as possible to place orders in time for the flying
season. For more information 408.268.7440 or send email to Tom Rouse at
Source: Rouse-Tech
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So dos this mean the Dr. Rocket will no longer be making hardware?
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Les Kramer
My own interpretation is that Aerotech wants to get out of the low-end 18/24/29 hardware making business, and this is who will be doing it -- note: this is pure guesswork on my part...
David Erbas-White
Les Kramer wrote:
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David Erbas-White
In article, Les Kramer at wrote on 4/15/05 11:23 AM:
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Gary C. Rosenfield
Dr Rocket has been a really good supplier overall. He has been supplying fairly reliably for over a decade now.
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Jerry Irvine
My interpretation is that Rouse will be doing "value-added" cases.
That for production cost and capitalization rerasons he is starting with the small end when developing an inventory.
The low end market is fairly easily saturated.
The volume is in the middle. 29mm and 38mm.
As the government cracks down more and more, 24mm will emerge.
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Jerry Irvine
Hi Jerry- I will be manufacturing the entire line of hardware for Aero-Tech re-loads. From the 18 mm to 98 mm. A HUGE investment is being spend on a complete inventory of all sizes. Prices at the retail level have been lowered and dealer margins increased. This is good news for all flyers buying hardware and for dealers as they will sell more and get larger margins. So far, Giant Leap and Wildman have jumped on board as dealers since hardware will be availiable. I need to contact all of the other dealers in the country to send them their dealer price sheets. Not an easy task. Dealer support is critical in this product. Not only in pricing, but in product support, sales literature, fast shipping times and joint promotions. Look for all of these in the coming months.
So, you were incorrect in assuming that I will only be interested in the smaller hardware lines. We're going full bore to sell to dealers anything they need.
Have you been to Tahoe lately? Hows the kids?
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I believe I said I speclated you would do smaller FIRST so you can make the items with less materials and easier distribution channel saturation first.
Good luck with your venture. It sounds like a handfull.
Good thing you are well capitalized!
No not lately. Andrew is fine. He flies rockets. He called Aerotech a couple of times this year for warranty on 18mm RMS issues and says he got hung up on twice. It must be genetic :)
He likes the 18mm and 24mm and looks forward to dad buying him more of those cases.
Model rocketry is phun.
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Jerry Irvine
J- If Andrew is anything like his "Ol Man", I'd guess that he probably stuffed those 18 mm motors full of black powder to get the slotted grain burning faster.
I promise I won't hang up on anyone. Have Andrew call me. :-)
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He has a reload shortage not a casing shortage and your comments while unappreciated, will be passed along to him to tag you.
From Andrew:
Then you're better than Aerotech. That wouldn't work. That would frag the case. Make me a 6.5" 18mm case.
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Jerry Irvine
You know, I honestly, HONESTLY don't understand Jerry Irvine. I try to be nice and he craps on me. Having fun, and his response of insults. "Unappreciated?" he says??!?!?!?!? It was a fun joke!
Unreal. Andrew- make your own damn case.
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Hi Ray- Thank you for your comment! You are, as always, a joy to listen to in all of your postings on RMR and ROL.
I'm going to be in San Diego soon to see Bob Mosley. Lets get together for lunch?
(I joined RMR to see what kind of interest would be generated in Brent's posting the hardware announcement. WHEW. This site is brutal. BIG TIME.
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There was no indication it was a joke. This medium has no "body language" or "voice inflection".
It is literal.
YOU stated you felt if he was like me he would fill the motor core with BP.
WE BOTH read it.
We BOTH felt it was INTENDED as a personal attack.
Perhaps you could simply be more careful?
Now you got actual feedback from an actual prospective customer. This is how you reacted. I suggest you reset and restart.
Maybe even hang out with me for a week at Tahoe :)
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Jerry Irvine
Hmmm. That's telling.
You will also find the sales feedback is low. However it is the only free, immediate, worldwide venue, so it attracts all sorts, expecially spammer and spewer types. Ray is one of them.
You will need to develop your own news release facility over time combining email and mail.
I do believe Gary formed an email dealer update network after a poster suggested it here. So some good can come from rmr, but you have to sift through the other 90-99% of crap to find it.
If you come here you have to have a thick skin and VERY CAREFULLY mark "humor" with a smiley or a statement it is humor.
The format itself is humor impaired.
As well as some of us posters.
Once again good luck with the casing business and as I said before it is good to see value added products being offered.
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Jerry Irvine
I think you'll get a better response by posting yourself rather than relying on Brent.
Brent's joke news to real news that is old to real news ratios aren't to good.
So Tom, will those casing be bar coded? Do they come in a plastic bag? If so, how many mils think is it? - All of these points are news worthy to Brent.
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Phil Stein
In article, Jerry Irvine at wrote on 4/15/05 5:47 PM:
RCS employees don't hang up on customers.
The 18mm system is probably the most reliable in the line with very few warranty claims.
There is no 18mm reload shortage, but there might be a cash shortage.
In article, at wrote on 4/15/05 11:32 PM:
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Gary C. Rosenfield

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